Friday, 19 July 2019

A baby is coming... November 21st.

Earlier this year, in February, David and I found out we were expecting another little bundle of joy.
This is our fourth pregnancy! - Our third earth baby. And, although it was a bit of a shock, we were both very excited when we seen the positive test result.

Fast forward to now 22 weeks.
We had our 12 week scan in May, and found out Peanut is due on the 21st November 2019.
We then had our Gender Scan, followed by a gender reveal party on the 9th June 2019, with all the closest people to us there.

We had our Gender Scan done, in Window to the Womb.
This was the first time we have used them, and honestly? I would go back in a heartbeat.
All the staff were absolutely fantastic, and couldn't do enough for us to make our experience with them 100% perfect.
From start to finish the whole experience was out of this world, and not only did David and I enjoy it, but our girls both enjoyed it aswell.

We got given gender reveal canons, aswell as a heartbeat bear which recorded the heartbeat onto it in the gender colour.
And went home to celebrate with our family.

The girls popped the canons which revealed confetti in ... PINK!

Yes.. we are having our THIRD baby girl and couldn't be anymore ecstatic.

We had our 20 week scan on the 27th June 2019 - and she is already a little monkey and keeping everyone on their toes.
Due to the position she's currently lying, the sonographer couldn't get a view of her heart and chambers, so we have to go back on the 25th July for a re-scan of her heart.

To be honest though, every scan we have had so far, she has been a little rascal. She's very alert already and hates to be disturbed, so as soon as they start to scan me, she becomes very active, jumping about and kicking, so it's been impossible to get a proper look at her, but so long as she is growing well and healthy, that's all we can wish for.

The girls obviously cannot wait to welcome their baby sister into the world. Lexie-Anna I thought, being the baby of the family, would have taken this news badly - but surprisingly she has been so protective of my bump, and the love she has for "Skyla" as she has named her (LOL) - is unreal.
I just hope she won't be too disappointed when we let her down gently and tell her baby isn't going to be called Skyla!
Although, at this rate, at least her big sister is actually thinking of her, and named her, for me and her dad can't seem to agree.