Meet Lexie-Anna

This is my youngest daughter, Lexie-Anna. My little Summer baby born two hours after her due date, on the 7th June 2014. 
She's got some similar traits to her sister, but she is definitely more outgoing than her sister is. She's got so much energy she needs to burn off everyday and most definitely keeps us on our toes. Ever watched that film, Problem Child? - yeah, your kid Junior has nothing on our Lexie-Anna - if she can break it, wreck it, rip it, spill it, then its a cert, she will do it. 
However, I will say - She doesn't mean to do it. 
She's just such an accident prone, and the clumsiness seems to come so natural to her. 

But the sweetness also just seems to come natural to her. She's such a well mannered child, would give you her last sweet if she knew you had none. And there isn't a shy bone in her body, she's just so full of character and life, and can have a full room laughing at her, with her antics. 

Unlike her sister, this one is a little homebird - she hates to travel to far from home - or anywhere from home, unless you mention the word 'Beach' 
She very rarely leaves our sides to stay away anywhere - and will only travel if either myself or her daddy are going with her. 

She's a little bit of a mixture between a tomboy and a princess - one day she's splashing in mud, climbing walls, trees, anything really, scuffing her shoes, and ripping holes in her knees and the next day shes in a pretty dress with a bow in, heels on and loving herself. 

She's just her own wee personality, and doesn't care what anyone thinks of her.  A trait I hope she never loses. 

That's our little Lexie-Anna - the baby of our family. 

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