Saturday, 29 September 2018

October's Library Visit | A few days early

Technically this is supposed to be October's library visit, but we're a few days early.
Our previous library books were due back today, so had to be returned, so we just collected some new books while we were there. 

So this month, 
Lacey-Beth's choice picks are:

- Jacqueline Wilson - Cookie 
- R.L Stine - Goosebumps 
- Kate Pankhurst - Mariella Mystery investigates the disappearing dinner lady 
- Gillian Sheilds - When the world is ready for bed 
- Camilla De La Bedoyere - Whale Shark 

Lexie-Anna's choice picks are:

- Elfida Vipont - The Elephant and the Bad Baby
Ladybird Books - Goodnight Peppa 
- Richard Dungworth and Jane Massey - One Little Baby
Sean Taylor - Crocodiles are the best animals of all 
- David Walliams - The slightly annoying elephant 

We already had Jacqueline Wilson's - Cookie out last month, unfortunately never got the chance to finish it, so Lacey-Beth has decided to take it again so as we can finish it off. 
I am looking forward to reading David Walliams book also, I've heard so many great reviews about his story books. 

This month I also decided to take out two books for myself aswell, just to give me a bit of bedtime reading. 

So I've went for 
Jane Elliott's - Mummy's Little Girl and The little Prisoner 

Unsure how i'll feel about them, they sound like a book thats going to have me crying, but I am keen to get stuck back into reading. I used to adore reading, but the last book I read was 50 shades of Grey because everyone else was raving about it. 

Can anyone suggest any decent reads for me to give a try? 

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Liked and Loved | Sep 2018

September 2018 Liked and Loved Linky

Mrs Hinch:

So I know i'm not the only person who has become a little obsessed with Mrs Hinch, be honest, how many others are there?
I got introduced to Mrs Hinch earlier in the month, and now? I'm hooked. 
I'm hinching every day, i'm putting my kitchen to bed, my cloths to bed, my sinks to bed, i've even gone and bought a Dave the Duster.. and I have sworn that once I can find them, I will be buying a Minkeh and Pinkeh. I have always loved Zoflora, but I am now using it a lot more than I was doing, finding new ways and uses for this small bottle of heaven. 
Mrs Hinch and the Hinch Army have entirely taken over my life 
BUT.... if I am being honest, in a positive way. Not only is my house looking clean, and smelling fresh, but it's really helping my mental health in more ways than I imagined. Obviously, I did clean before Mrs Hinch - with two kids, you have to, don't you? But I never went mad on it, and never had a real love for it until now. Mrs Hinch has shown me easier tips than I was doing myself, and honestly some of the tips, the quotes and the little things she does, has really helped me to uplift my moods daily. I'm finding it all very therapeutic and relaxing. Even the kids are joining in and enjoying it (I only let them dust or use some antibac wipes - nothing major) 

Lacey-Beth's Adventure Mini Break:

Lacey-Beth went off on a little adventure with her best friend, and her second family, to stay in the South of Ireland, in Co.Cavan in some log cabins in the woods. 
They went for a whole weekend, and she really enjoyed it. This girl has had so many adventures throughout the summer with her best friend and family, and has loved every single one, and honestly, it's given her some amazing memories to cherish always, and given her adventures that I probably could never give or take her on. 
Cathy (her besties mummy) kept me updated through text and calls, and sent lots of pics of the girls enjoying themselves. They got to experience new things and honestly just had a ball. 

International Day Of Peace: 

On the 21st September - it was international day of peace and the local women's group I attend along with the local pensioners group had teamed together to do a silk painting of a now abandoned Linen Mill in our local town, with the fields and river around it, and a girl in the middle, to represent the peace in our communities around our area. 
This painting was unveiled on international day of peace in the Titanic Building in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
Our two groups attended this event, and it was a lovely day. We got a tour of the last surviving While Star Line ship - the Nomadic, had a bit of lunch, then travelled of for a tour of Northern Ireland's parliament building - Stormont.

28 Years Married: 

My parents celebrated their 28th Wedding Anniversary last week. They were spoiled with gorgeous gifts. And then we spent the evening together as a family indulging in chinese takeaway. A small and quite evening, but enjoyed by the seven of us - my parents, both my daughters, myself and husband, and my brother. 

An Autumn Photoshoot:

I used to love taking my own photos of the girls before my mental health reached it's peak. 
I stopped doing shoots with them, when I got really bad - but as mentioned before, Mrs Hinch and her techniques are really helping me to overcome that anxiety. 
So this week, for the first time in two years, I lifted the camera to take some proper photos of the girls.  Unfortunately Lacey-Beth decided she's too 'cool' and too 'old' to do this anymore, but Lexie-Anna happily obliged. 
They don't look the best, but rememeber, it has been two years from I took photos on a proper camera, and edited any, but I still love how they turned out all the same. 

Dance Exams:

During the summer Lacey-Beth had started taking ABD exam classes in dance. These are carrying on throughout term time, until her dance teacher feels she is ready to take the actual exam. 
Last week, the girls all received their beautiful Exam Classes and Exam Uniform to wear, a beautiful purple Leotard with footless tights. 
Lacey-Beth absolutely loves it - it's her third dance uniform, so far. She's her normal, everyday dance uniform for classes, her competition tracksuit to wear attending competitions and her private lessons, and then this gorgeous leotard for her exam work. 
She feels and looks so grown up in it. 

A Cornish Mum

Friday, 21 September 2018

Autumn | Bucket List

Autumn is my absolute favourite season. 
Everything about Autumn I love! It's not too warm, but not too cold either, its perfect. 
The colours are so warm, cozy, and home warming. 
We have Halloween, which let's face it, holds a lot of precious memories for me, considering my first born was born on Halloween. 
The Autumn clothes in shops are to die for, compared to any other season, I find, in my opinion the Autumn selections always seem to be the best, I mean who doesn't love an oversized hoodie or a comfy cardi right? 

Autumn always has, and probably always will be, my favourite season, which is why, I've decided to do an Autumn Bucket List of everything I'd like to achieve as a family this season. 

What is on your Autumn Bucket List??

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Create your own happiness | #R2BC

Hi guys, Happy Thursdays!
Wow, the end of another week is fast approaching. 

So this week, browsing through my blog reads, I came across a new linky. A linky I knew I definitely liked the sound of. A linky I knew I wanted to join in and take part with. 


As most people know, I love reasons to write blog posts based on happiness, so this linky is right up my straight. I've spent way to long in a spiral of depression, it's time to get lots of cheerful posts on the go, something to spread some cheer, and happiness! 
(ok, that sounded an awful lot like a quote from Elf - I promise i'm not christmas obsessed - yet) 

So - here goes! My reasons to be cheerful this week.

1. 𝓜𝓻𝓼 𝓗𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓱 
𝓑𝓻𝓪𝓲𝓷𝔀𝓪𝓼𝓱𝓮𝓭 𝓜𝓮:

Being brainwashed by someone doesn't sound like a reason to be very cheerful or even grateful does it? It sounds horrific. 
But no, honestly, this particular brainwashing, I am ecstatic with. 
Recently I got introduced to Mrs Hinch on Instagram - you can follow her here
She shares instagram posts and stories about cleaning. Sharing life hacks, tips, must have cleaning supplies, and cleaning hauls. 
Now - as a mum, I had to have a clean house - raising kids you have to keep up with the housework. But never to the extents that Mrs Hinch has shown me. She has shared some life changing life hacks on her insta page that I am eternally grateful for, and such simple little tricks they are to. 
I have definitely been hinched, and I am loving it. To be honest, so is L-A - she was been having so much fun, wiping down the kitchen cupboard doors when we're putting our kitchen to bed. 

2. 𝓐 𝓵𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓵𝓮 𝓫𝓸𝔂 𝓘 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮:

Whilst doing our weekly clean up this week, I came across a little outfit my favourite little boy left at my house when he was visiting. I haven't seen that boy in almost two weeks, and to be honest, I probably won't be having him over for a visit anytime soon or in the near future, which in a way is heartbreaking, BUT - I have grieved that already, and now? Well now, I am just happy, grateful and cheerful about the fact, I was able to spend time with him for a few weeks - I appreciate the fact that his Mummy did trust me to look after him. And I may not get to see him now as much as I'd like, but I will always love him, and always be forever cheerful knowing he was and always will be a huge part of my life. 

3. 𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓭𝓷𝓮𝓼𝓼

This week L-A sold her go-kart as she outgrew it and it was less than a year old. She received £60 for it, so she went into town, and treated herself to some new Autumn clothes, and a new series LOL doll - the Underwraps, Eye Spy, Series 4 - then, with the money she had left, this little girl of only four years of age, bought her sister some new Heelys and an LOL doll also and some Unicorn false nails from Primark. No-one asked her to do this, out of the kindess of her own heart, L-A didn't want to use all of her own money on herself, but wanted to share it with her big sister. 
This made me burst with pride, and made me realise, I must be doing something right, to have raised such a kind hearted little girl. 

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

Monday, 17 September 2018

Living Arrows | 38/53

 Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

We have been having a rather difficult time of things with Lacey-Beth at the moment, BUT, despite the challenges we face daily with her, deep down, there is still her sweetness, and this week proved that. 

This young lady, took her sister under her wing, walking her up to her line in the playground, whilst I stood at the gates, to help boost her little sisters confidence. 

Sooner or later the time is going to come, when the teacher asks us Year One Mum's not to walk the kiddos up to the line, and to drop them off at the gate, it happens every year. Well, Lexie-Anna, has been so reliant on me lately, and won't let me leave her at the gate - Lacey-Beth witnessing this, every single morning, took her and helped her get used to it, without me one morning. I stood at those gates, watching my eldest, act like a little mummy hen figure to my youngest, and knew then in that moment, I must have done something right, for them to show that much love, support and encouragement towards one another. 
I couldn't have been or felt more proud than I did.  

(I wish I could have napped a quick snapshot of such a beautiful moment - but due to the playground being busy, it was impossible)

Living Arrows

Sunday, 16 September 2018

The Sibling Project | September 2018

 It's hard to believe we are now halfway through September, but it's scary to think that Lexie-Anna is now halfway through her first month of her first year at Primary School. Lacey-Beth is now in Year Three, and will turn seven next month. And in literally a few short weeks, Christmas will be here. This year, sure is going by in a blink. 

We've been having a sort of rough September. I'm not sure if it's tiredness due to school starting back, but it's been pretty hectic around here. 
Lacey-Beth has been throwing some massive strops, sometimes I swear i'm already raising a teenager instead of a six year old. There isn't a day goes by that we don't have a meltdown on our hands, sometimes over the silliest of things too, like the seams of her socks touching her toes and irritating her.. Do seamless socks even exist??  if so, where can I buy a pair? or five. 
On the other hand, I don't want to paint her out to be this big bad wolf, that is six going on on sixteen with a serious attitude problem, because whilst she may be like that, there still is a huge part of her can be that angelic little girl she once was - I know that girlie is still somewhere deep inside, we just need to encourage her to bring that side of her out more! 

David has also stopped working night shift this last few weeks, and is now working day shifts - which we are finding rather difficult adjusting to atm. 
He starts at 7am, and due to the travel he has to do, he needs to wake between 4 and 5am to get ready and set off to be there on time. So by the time he gets home, he gets a wash, has his tea, and pretty much crashes to sleep. 
The girls and I have barely spent any time with him this month, and it is starting to take it's toll. 
With night shift, he started at 11pm and finished at 7am - so he would have slept when the girls were at school, then got up, and we'd of spent the day together as a family. 
But yeah.. i'm rambling on now when this post - Is technically all about the girls as sisters. 

Well - they still have their moments together, they fight, make up, and play, as all or most sisters do. 

Lacey-Beth is loving:

Playing on her go-kart and pretending she's driving a real car

Getting out to play with her friends

Returning to Dance, and receiving her new dance exam leotard

Squishies and LOL Surprise Dolls 

Lexie-Anna is loving:

Making new friends in school 

Sequin Pets and LOL Surprise Dolls

Playing her her best friends 

The Haschak Sisters 
The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

My Sunday Photo | September 16th 2018

This week #MySundayPhoto definitely has to be this little snapshot I grabbed of Lexie-Anna whilst at the park. 

It's a simple picture yet describes her so perfectly. 
That cheeky little smile, shows that she is so filled with adventure, mischief, and lots of excitement, yet at the same time is one of the most sweetest little girls. 

Her smile lights up the darkest of rooms, and no matter how down you are in a day, getting a glimpse of that gorgeous, big smile is definitely a good pick me up. 

Friday, 14 September 2018

10 things i've learned since becoming a mum

Parenting is definitely a learning curve. You make lots of mistakes, you have lots of upsides, you have happy memories, sad memories, funny memories, and lots of little memories inbetween. 
We are all only human, and we all know, becoming a parent, doesn't come with an instruction manual - well, ok, there are heaps of books out there to guide us along the journey, but lets be honest, how many of us do actually stick to and follow all those guidelines? 
But, along the way, we learn how to parent in our own ways. No parent raises their kid(s) the same way, or at least very rarely will you find two sets of parents who do things exactly the same. 
So I've decided to share a post on some of the things I have learned since becoming a mum, twice over, to now, six and four year old girls. 

1. Social life? Whats that:  Your social life becomes pretty much, non existent. You may think that as your little darlings get older, your social life will slowly start to return, but trust me, it doesn't. Well at least for me it didn't. My social life is now pretty much running after my kids, accompanying them to their social events. Dance, playdates, youth clubs, birthday parties.... the list is endless. They have more of a social life, than I have! 

2. Sleep is for the weak:  Although some parents are EXTREMELY lucky, when their babies and/or children start to sleep right through... DON'T always bank on it happening anytime... soon. My first born, who is now six, was an AWFUL sleeper, she would wake, every hour, on the hour, every single night! When vaccinations came, the sleeping reduced even more.. I used to tell myself, she'll sleep through, when she's over teething - that didn't happen.. when she's no longer drinking milk - nope.. this went on and on and on, me, foolishly fooling myself. She's now six years old, and only this last few weeks has started sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG. Now, my youngest, who is now four, was always a fabulous sleeper. Bedtime routine was always bang on 7.30pm and she would be spark out, and still to this day, she sticks to that same routine, unless we're out or busy and she does stay up a little later - BUT.. she wakes once every night, usually going back down quite quickly - but will still wake up once through the night. 

3. Splitting yourself in two halves, isn't possible:  No sir! This one, isn't so bad nowadays, but when the girls were younger, trying to divide my attention between a baby and a toddler proved to be rather difficult. I needed to split myself in half, which was merely impossible. I survived though, like all mothers. We have to, don't we? But, it is hard. Especially during the terrible two's stage, and all you want to do is curl up in a ball, and hope you've become invisible to the eye of the tiny human you've created. 

4. Alcohol? is it even legal for mums?: In the whole of six years of being a mum, I can count on one hand the amount of times, I've got properly drunk. One of those times being my own hen party, six months ago! Alcohol literally becomes your worst enemy. You go for months on end without having a drop, because of that non existent social life, that when you do indulge in some wine - who am I kidding? pass the gin! you end up chatting utter nonsense to your chums, telling every other person you meet in the toilets that their your best friend, and suffering from a three day hangover from the morning after. Then ask yourself - is it really worth it? Agreeing with yourself that, it most definitely isn't, when your hugging your toilet seat, while the kids are screaming for their breakfast, and you can just about lift your head. Swearing to yourself that you will never ever touch another drop again, until the next time you're lucky enough to escape the wrath of your husband and kids and get a night out again.. and forget about that promise you made yourself. 

5. Friends: did someone kidnap them? yes, this one is probably the same, for most, if not all mums! You have those best friends, the very best in the world, before becoming a mum, right? You go everywhere with them, do everything together, and throughout your pregnancy, they're calling themselves 'auntie', wanting to be Godmother, and promising to be there throughout it all.. then, after a week or two of the baby arriving.. poof - in a little cloud of fairy dust, the friend disappears, never to be seen or heard from again. Strange right? - yeah, it happens. A lot!. If you're lucky enough to have the same friend(s) throughout it all, you are very lucky, and have a true friend right there! 

6. True Friends do come:  I promise. They do! It might not be right away, but you do eventually find your true friends. I met mine. I have only two, true friends, they are also my best friends. Now, we don't see each other often, infact we barely see each other at all. But we talk almost every day. We don't even live in the same areas. These girls, I tell them everything, and trust them with my life. I wouldn't be me, without them in my life, even if we don't see each other often, we know, we are always there for one another.  It is most definitely worth the wait, when you do find your true friend(s) 

7. The word MUM:  Ok.. when your little darlings are little tiny babies, learning to crawl, talk, walk etc.. the first time you hear those precious words  Mama you will become an emotional wreck. You'll want them to repeat it, over and over again, you'll record it and play it back constantly, you'll upload it to social media, to show all your friends that your precious baby is calling Mama now, and it is an amazing feeling when they first say it.. and for a good while after that.... BUT, when they reach, well the age of my girls now - and all you hear repeatedly, ten thousand times per day, Muuuuuuum, she's hitting me. Mummmmm, im hungry, Mummmmm can you get me a drink, Mummmmm.... just for the sake of saying 'Mum' - yes, it does become quite annoying, and you do feel like saying - nope, my name is not Mum! 

8. Does Daddy Exist?   No, literally.. does he? 
My girls will walk straight past their daddy, to come to me. I could be up to my neck in a mountain of ironing, while he's lounging on his xbox and they'll come to me to get them whatever it is they're looking. I could be relaxing in a bubble bath while he's watching television, and they'd bypass him, sneak upstairs, and come interrupt that relaxation.  I could be making dinner, doing the dishes, doing anything at all, whilst he's got his hands free and doing nothing, and still, they will ignore the fact that he's doing absolutely nothing, and has all the time in the world to help them - but still, they'll come to me. 

9. Judgement Day, is Everyday:  Sorry guys, but its true. When you become a mummy, or a parent full stop.. from that moment on, you are judged on every aspect of your life as  a parent. You vaccinate, your judged, you don't vaccinate, your judged, bottle feed, breast feed, judged, nappies, cloth nappies, judged, Weaning, judged, Schooling, judged, Letting them eat fast food or letting them eat organics, JUDGED. You are literally judged, no matter what you do, and no matter how you raise your children. So raise them however the hell you want, because you'll be judged either way. 

10. When did they grow up? You will literally question this, all the time. 
I find myself questioning it a lot of the time, but more so in milestones. Their birthdays, first days of school, starting a new year in school, when they do something that is so grown up.. just the slightest little thing and i'm asking myself, where did the time go? 
They don't stay little for long. So cherish every moment, even the moments when they may drive us a little doolally. 

Living Arrows | 37/53

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran.

C E L E B R A T E 

I absolutely love this photo, so of course I had to share it. 
From left to right:
Lexie-Anna (my youngest) Lacey-Beth (my oldest) and Yasemin (my adopted daughter lol) - she's practically part of the family, she's Lacey-Beth's best friend, and sister from another mister. 

Last week, Cathy (Yasemin's Mummy) turned the big 40, and little did she know, her hubby and family had organised a surprise birthday party for her. 

It was such a lovely night, and was lovely to meet all of Cathy's family and other friends, who have all taken my eldest daughter under the wing as part of their family also. 

We went for a lovely meal, in a lovely small but local restaurant. 
Her family had booked a private room, which we got to ourselves, so the kids all had a ball, running about, dancing, and playing with the balloons. 

My two girls made such precious memories with Cathy, and her little family, and we all made some new friends that night. 

Cathy had no idea either, which made it all the better, her face was priceless when she walked into the room, and seen the decorations and everyone waiting to celebrate her big birthday with her. 

The food was delicious, the staff were super friendly, everyone was getting along, laughing, giggling, and looking through all of Cathy's photos from childhood, right through to her mummy days. 

A lovely, relaxing night, with great company, and my girls enjoyed themselves just as much as I did.  Definitely a memory to cherish forever, with our new found friends, and adopted family! 

Living Arrows