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Hi there, and welcome to Mummy's Neverland.  I'm Stacy, the author behind this little neverland I call my own. 

I hate these things, I never know what to write, or say about myself, but sure, I'll give it a whirl and see how we get on. 

I am a huge Disney fanatic, if you hadn't already guessed. I love Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, Tinkerbell, all things Disney really, and the good thing about having kids? I can use them as an excuse for my Disney obsession. 

I love writing, and always have done, from I was a child. These days, I mainly write pointless little lists that mean naff all, or reward chart after reward chart for my girls that we always never follow through with, because lets face it, I'm pretty much just bullshitting my way through this parenting malarkey, half the time, I don't have a clue what i'm even doing. 

But on that note, yes I am a mum. I have two beautiful angelic little girls - Ha, who am I kidding? They are the spawns of Satan himself. No seriously, I would be lost without them, even when they do drive me insane, and make me want to run away to a deserted island and never return, they are my life. I'm also an angel mum to a little miracle that unfortunately we miscarried in August 2010 

I'm a wife, to David. We married on the 11th April 2018, which was our angel babys due date (11th april 2011) - we had a perfect day, and I am loving being Mrs McCullough now and having the same surname as my babies. 

I'm a homebird from Northern Ireland. I hate travelling, i'm terrified of Clowns, Spiders and Mice. I love dogs - and adore my 'adopted' dog (she's really my aunts that I just steal for a sleepover every so often) - Lyla!

You shall more or less more learn about me, my journey in motherhood, my children, my husband and the daily days in the life of the McCullough family as you find your way through my blog. I hope you enjoy! 

- Stacy 

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