Meet Lacey-Beth

This is my eldest daughter, Lacey-Beth, my little Halloween baby, born eight days past her due date, on the 31st October 2011. 

She used to be my shy child, but in the last few years her confidence has grown so much. She can be such a lovable child, so friendly, caring, always wanting to help, full of chat and smiles, and other times she can be a little monkey, full of attitude, temper tantrums and throwing strops. She is such a little diva at the best of times and the older she gets, the worse she gets, but she's a typical girl I guess. 

She's a strong willed little girl, which in itself can be very challenging, but can also be a very good thing, however very daunting when she does go into meltdown mode, we barely survive, well should I say, this mummy barely survives through it, it is what makes her 'Lacey-Beth' though. 

She's full of adventure, a very adventurous little girl, always wanting to explore, and be outside. She also loves travelling to new places - which sometimes can be a bad thing for her as she suffers terrible with travel sickness, and she loves to try new things. She's quite a sociable little girl and always off doing something or other - whether its off out with her best friend, away to dance, or a youth club - she has a better social life than I do, and definitely more outgoing than I am. 

She dances with our local dance school - NOSOD - and last year just made the competition team, and took part in a few of the competitions in her first competition season, and has now moved into three dance classes per week, with private sessions in between. She's thriving so well at dance, and honestly, it was the best thing we did, getting her involved, as this is the very thing that brought her confidence out in her. 

So yes - that's our Lacey-Beth, she's a typical little girl - and a little diva into it. 

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