Friday, 31 August 2018

Liked and Loved Linky | August 2018

August 2018 - #LikedandLoved Linky 

Nephew Sleepovers

At the beginning of the month, my gorgeous new nephew came for his first sleepover with me. I was so excited to have him, and overwhelmed that his mummy trusted me to look after him overnight for her so that she and her partner could celebrate their anniversary together with a date night. 

He was as good as gold. He slept well, waking every four hours for a feed, which isn't too bad considering he was only around four weeks old at the time. 

This little boy is honestly a little godsend. I would move mountains for him, and his big cousins absolutely adore the bones of him, so getting to have him for the night, was amazing - an experience going back to having a newborn during the night, but amazing all the same. 

Father Bonding

The girls enjoyed some bonding time with their daddy. He works night shift all week and only gets a Friday and Saturday night off - he spends most of the week sleeping, or being a grump because he is tired, so he and the girls haven't really had much 'fun' times this summer, together. Both of them adore their dad, as much as Lacey-Beth may deny it, she is her daddys daughter, and loves him very much, and they love every moment they get to spend with him. 

Dobbies Breakfast

I went out for breakfast - or brunch maybe, this month with the ladies from the local women's group for our area, although to be honest, half of them are my family - I have two aunts and my mum in that photo that all are members of the group. It was lovely though, they are a great bunch of ladies, and all look out for me. It was the first i'd been to Dobbies for food and I have to say, I would return, the food was delicious and I would highly recommend. 

Best Friend Sleepovers

Everyone remembers the summer holidays when they would beg their parents to let a friend sleepover, right? I know I do - every week without fail. Which is exactly what these girls do. Yasemin is their best friend, and they have been inseperable all summer. They have had trips away to Yasemin's caravan with her family, sleepovers at each others houses, and just having the best summer ever, making lots of exciting memories - this was their last Sleepover together this month, before school started back, they are gutted. 

Calling the tooth fairy

Yep, Lacey-Beth lost another tooth this month - I've lost count now, I think she's lost maybe eight - it could be more or less! She was excited and couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to come. She popped the tooth into her tooth box - then decided to go and have a sleepover with her nanny. The tooth fairy did arrive there and left £2 under her pillow - but didn't the silly tooth fairy forget to come and pick up the tooth - So off course she had to come that night and leave another coin - SILLY TOOTH FAIRY - will not be making that mistake again. 

Scottish Visitors 

My cousin and her partner came over from Scotland last weekend to visit and we all headed out for a day trip to Portrush in Northern Ireland, a seaside resort. We went to Barry's amusements and the fun fair, ate our weight in dinky donuts, chips and drank slush puppies. We all had a fab day on the rides, and walking along the sea front. It tired the girls out, and miss Lyla the dog. The girls were sad to see Dawn and David go home to Scotland again - but the count down is on until their next visit. 

Back to School

The girls went back to school this week. P3 and P1 they both went into. Seeing them both in their uniforms together, was a tad emotional. Seeing Lexie-Anna, our baby in her uniform was even more emotional. They are both loving being back though, so lets hope it stays that way - I won't hold my breath though, wait until homework starts. 

An end of August change

I went to my hairdresser this week with the intentions of having my long wavy hair trimmed slightly, just for a quick tidy up - got there, feeling frustrated and fed up with that long hair, hanging round my face, looking dim and out of shape, so I told her to chop it up - into a bob it went - and to be honest, I am still getting used to it, but I am kinda loving it too. 

So that's been our August in a nutshell.  I've been having quite a lot of costo flareups this month, so even though it's been a good month in a way, it's also been a horrible month, so yeah, i'm kinda looking forward to seeing what September has in store. 

A Cornish Mum

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Me & Mine Linky | 31st August 2018

Being honest, I got ONE, yes only one photo of all of us together throughout August. 
I have been seriously lacking and falling behind in using my camera this month, and the only reason I did manage to capture at least that one photo of the four of us together, was because Lexie-Anna was starting primary school. 

So yeah, it was quite an emotional day, and as you can tell by the lack of makeup, and the bad looking skin on myself - I'm not quite back into routine yet, and never got my face on for a quick snap with the camera - despite the fact, I knew I was going to want one, so it's my au'natural face - my deepest apologies. 

But yes, our baby went into primary school, you can read all about that here

She loved it, I felt strange not having her in the house - both girls were away to school and David had went to bed as he was just in off the night shift.

So that's my "Me and Mine" Linky for this month! I promise, i'll try and do better for next. 

David is loving: 
- His new computer  (a very early xmas present)
- League of legends 
- Working nights and freeing up weekends 
- Football 

Lacey-Beth is loving: 
- Squishies and LOL dolls 
- Getting out to play at the park 
- Being in P3 (and her teacher)
- Doing exam work in Dance 

Lexie-Anna is loving:
- Barbie dolls 
- Going to nannys house to play with her newest friend Sienna
- The Haschak Sisters 
- Making up dance routines 

I am loving:
- My new little nephew Charlie 
- Being organised for Lacey-Beth's upcoming birthday
- The fact that school has started back 
- And the Harry Enfield series on Netflix 

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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Thursday, 30 August 2018

First Day At School | P1 here we come

Today was a big milestone for our baby Lexie-Anna.
She started Primary School today, in P1
This morning, it's safe to say, was a barrel of mixed emotions. 

I cried, she cried, Daddy got overwhelmed and Lacey-Beth became the overprotective big sister. 

It was so strange seeing her in her school uniform, I mean, it felt completely different to seeing Lacey-Beth in hers - perhaps its because she is the baby of the family maybe? 
We were all a little more overwhelmed this time round, and she definitely sensed it. 

Just how adorable does she look? 

I honestly can't believe thats my youngest at school now. Where on earth does the time go? 
I still don't know how I feel about this. 

We had a few tears from her this morning, and she didn't want to leave me - she has gotten a tad clingy towards me, which is unusual for Lexie-Anna, as she is normally a daddys girl. 

The primary one class were being brought in this week, in small groups of six, as transition days, then from Monday, they will all be in together for the full week. 
So Lexie-Anna's group went today. 
The teacher came over to their line, Lexie-Anna was first in the line, and the teacher went to bring them all in through the doors, and Lexie-Anna refused to move - I thought oh-no she's going to start crying again.  She backed off and turned to me, with a few tears, then the teacher took her by the hand and off she toddled, I went and stood by the fire escape doors, where I could see in, to make sure she had settled and was ok. She hung her coat up, on her peg in the cloak room, then came out, all smiles. She seen me, gave me a big smile, and took herself into the classroom. 

I was so relieved she settled so quickly, after a small set back. 

She was only in for three hours today, at home time, she was smiling, and said she had a great day - she's already looking forward to going back. 
Happy Child = Happy Mummy

She looks so tiny to be in primary school - saying that though, all the primary one's looked so tiny today. 
I just can't believe my baby - is now no longer a baby - she's at big school now. 

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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

A New School Year | P3 here we come

Today, our not so little girl, Lacey-Beth, went into her first day of a new year at school. 
She's now moved out of the infant part of the school, and is now in Primary Three! 

She's got a new teacher, a new classroom assistant, and all her same little chums!

It feels as though I have blinked somewhere in life, and she's sprouted up. 
No, seriously. 
I remember her starting Nursery school, like yesterday! How are we four years later, and she's now in PRIMARY THREE!

She had a great first day. She got given her seat and table today. She felt as proud as punch, as this year, is the first year she gets to bring a schoolbag. 
In primary one & two, they were provided with clear plastic book bags for homeworks, so this year has definitely made her feel a lot more grown up. 

She is looking forward to feeling even more grown up, on Thursday when her little sister joins her in school. Lexie-Anna will go into Primary One, but I will post about that, on the day. 

But yes, we had a great day all round, she barely slept a wink last night out of sheer excitement, and was up at the crack of dawn this morning eager to go and get her uniform on to go. 

Her daddy walked in through the door at 8am, after finishing night shift at work, and she practically knocked him off his feet from excitement, and wouldn't let him go to bed until he had seen her go in through the school gate - yes, she demanded we both take her. 

It's been a fun filled, happy day in our household, and a very excited six year old on our hands, who is busting to get going into school tomorrow for her second day in P3!

Are your kids back to school yet? 
What class or grade are they starting this year? 
Excitement, Nerves or Tears from your household? 
Comment below and let me know :)
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Sunday, 26 August 2018

My Sunday Photo | 26th August 2018

My Sunday Photo this week, is my girls having fun, seeing their smiles, is amazing!
We haven't had much time to get out this Summer as a family. 
Lacey-Beth has ventured with her best friend and second family, and had a ball, but as a family, we haven't gotten to travel or venture much. 
So, we took our final trip of Summer this weekend, to Portrush, in Northern Ireland - Our home country. 

We hit up Barry's Amusements, and the funfair, and the girls had a blast. 

They both went on the Big Apple roller coaster, Lexie-Anna wasn't overly fussed, she didn't seem to like it, Lacey-Beth loved it though. 
Then Lacey-Beth and myself went on the Turtle water ride, hearing her laughter was incredible! And it was the first time I'd joined her on this ride - again, Lexie-Anna took one look, and didn't even want to try it, bless her, she's like her Daddy that way - doesn't like rides! 

Then, they went on the 'swings' - both enjoyed those, and the Ghost Train we went on as a family - none of them enjoyed it, to be fair though, I didn't expect them to, but they both wanted to try it. 

They loved the teacups! 

We enjoyed chips by the sea front, and some dinky donuts on the train home! 

The weather was lovely and warm, a few spits here and there, but didn't amount to much. 
It was the perfect 'last weekend of the summer holidays' for us! We all had a great time, and home with lots of memories to cherish. 

The girls Auntie Dawn, and her partner David were home visiting from Scotland for the weekend, and came with us also, so it was a fantastic day! 

Making lots of family memories!  


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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Back To School | the supplies haul

So, this is it. 
The dreaded back to school shop, is complete, as of today! 
We've the uniforms, the shoes, the gym shoes and trainers in. The pencil case, schoolbag, gym and lunch bags. The water bottles. All the stationary, and the fresh new coats. 

This day next week, Lacey-Beth will be on her second day in P3, and Lexie-Anna will be getting a bath and early night, ready to start a big P1 on the Thursday morning!

I know she was in nursery school last year, but honestly, I do think i'll cry next week. 
It seems such a big step. Nursery, was a little daunting, but seeing her going into p1 will be soul crushing, because she is my youngest, she's my last baby, once she goes there isn't anymore babies at home with me. 

And Lacey-Beth in P3, honestly? 
That scares me. Is there a pause button for life? Can I have it? Can I use it?
I remember Lacey-Beth starting her first day in P1, and now shes for P3, she has grown up so quickly, right before my very eyes. 

I'm excited along with them, as they are excited, but at the same time, i'm a bloody mess inside, and I know i'll be a blubbering mess come next week. 

Are your kids all back to school yet? 
When does summer end and school start for you guys? 

I am so relieved to have the back to school shop finished, a huge relief! 
And I am looking forward to next week, as this summer has been awful, with two little girls who have done nothing but "be bored" and "fight" 
We've barely got out on any trips at all this year, due to David's work, he only got a week off this summer, however we're planning one last day trip this weekend, the last trip before schools back, so that should be fun. 

Have you any last minute trips planned? 
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Sunday, 19 August 2018

#MySundayPhoto | 19th August 2019

So again, this was a linky I had started before my long overdue break from blogging. And I enjoyed and intend to continue with now. 

This week's My Sunday Photo is my beautiful daughters and my handsome little nephew Charlie. 

Charlie is actually my cousin, BUT, his mummy and I grew up as practically sisters, we were raised together, and went through everything together and we're still closer than ever. 
My own brother, has autism, he never leaves his room, let alone the house. He's an adult now, and it has become reality that its probably very unlikely he will ever have children of his own, despite the fact I know he would make an awesome father as he's a fabulous Uncle to my girls, its just, he's too set in his ways, and in his own routine, that it is an unlikely possibility. 

So Charlie, even though biologically he is my second cousin, is the closest little human to a nephew I will ever have. 

I love the bones of him, as if he were one of my own children. 
And would walk to the ends of the earth for him and his mummy. 

I love capturing moments with him and my girls, or any photos in general of the girls with their cousins. 

I love to capture family memories, with all the family - some will say I go photo happy, and that is the truth, but id rather have a thousand photo albums filled with memories, than a house full of materialistic items that have no heartfelt value. 


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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Childrens Heartbeat Trust Fundraiser | My Best Friends Family

This little post is a little bit different to what I usually blog about, and it's nothing to do with my own wee family, but it does concern mine, and my husbands best friends, and their little family. 

Recently our best friends who are also married to one another, found out they were expecting a baby boy, unfortunately, they received such devastating news that their little boy was diagnosed in the womb with HLHS (hypo-plastic left heart syndrome)

My best friend, Becca has started a blog, all about their journey throughout pregnancy with HLHS, if you would all want to read up about her updates throughout pregnancy, the link is

I cannot imagine how any of them are possibly feeling right now, its surreal. 
But, their little boy, has a mother and father who love the bones of him, he has two sisters who will adore him, and he's family that will be there to support them all, so everyone knows, hes going to be the best wee warrior ever for them all, its only natural he would be, with who his parents are. 

His daddy, Stuart is doing an incredible thing this year for his birthday, and has started a fundraiser to raise money for the Children's Heartbeat Trust, who are helping them and supporting them as a family throughout this. 
This is such a fantastic thing to do for their precious boy, and for every other family, or child who has had to go through this.
His goal is to raise £150 in two weeks, and so far, in only days he has managed to raise £105 

It would be super, if anyone following and/or reading this post, could help this family out, and donate anything you can, even as small as £1 to this fantastic cause. 

The link to donate is:

Anything you can give, would be a massive help, and I know the family would greatly appreciate any donation, no matter how big or small. 


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Friday, 17 August 2018

The Siblings Project | August 2018

Ok, so before I took my little 'year long time out' - I did start taking part in The Sibling Project Linky, and was really looking forward to sharing each month, before my 'break' 

So now i'm back, I am going to continue, and it's just perfect timing aswell, considering this months linky opened two days ago. 

So I didn't get many photos of my two girls together in July - well, I did, however, I broke my phone, and lost ALL images I captured via it from July, my google account only restored photos from June back ==> 

And so far in August, it is becoming and proving very difficult to capture a moment of sibling love! We're now into the last two weeks before school starts back, and honestly? I cannot wait. 
This last few weeks have been like living in hell on earth with two little girls who both are extremely strong willed and think they're both, always right - yes they clearly take that little trait after their father, typical girls!

Anyways, they have been fighting, constantly. Arguing over everything, whose holding mummies right hand on the way to town, whose going to leave the teddy on the floor away, whose turn it is to help empty the dishwasher - yes they are even arguing over the chores that no normal child wants to do anyway, but, they'll argue until they're blue in the face, both WANTING to do it, to earn a sticker rather than doing it together. 
So yes, school, hurry up please, I don't think I can stick the arguments for another week!


On the rare occasion I do get them being nice to one another, it is a lovely, split second of a moment! 

This month we haven't really ventured too far, it weather hasn't been great at all, summer is a washout, definitely! I want to know where that heatwave went to? 
Ok, getting of topic a little there - 
Anyway, yes - we've been staying home quite a lot this summer, I would take my girls to visit their Nanny, and they would play with the kids up in the cul-de-sac that mum lives in, which is perfect, as its quite closed in, we can see them, the neighbours all know each other and keep an eye out, and theres barely any traffic goes through as its such a small area, the majority of the traffic is the tenants that live there, driving in and out, and they know theres kids playing so come in slowly. 
So the girls go out and stay out playing most of the day, which is great for them getting fresh air, but also bad as they do end up fighting, with each other or with the other kids - recipe for disaster! 

I am hoping once school starts back, and they get back into their usual routines, they're going to calm down a little and start being a bit nicer to each other. 
But yeah, here's a few snaps I have managed to get of them both, showing some sibling love. 

It looks like butter wouldn't melt... please, don't let their innocence fool you. 

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful
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A belated post | Our Spring Wedding

Oh my. I honestly didn't think it had been so long from I last blogged, BUT, a whole year, SERIOUSLY? 

I'm not even gonna lie, I hadn't even thought about returning to blogging again (well, it hadn't crossed my mind, as I did forget about my blog) until a friend reminded me today, and I popped on, but, seriously, I need to get a grip and stop disappearing from this wee online world of mine for long periods of time. 

So yeah, the last time I blogged, was a whole YEAR before my wedding, when planning was only really in the peak stages. 
Today? I am a married woman. We have now been married for four months.. FOUR MONTHS???  sorry, can I have a moment to process that myself? Where have those four months gone??? 

But yes! 
We got married on the 11th April 2018 - which as previously stated, was the anniversary of the day our Angel Baby was due to be born. 

To be honest, everything that could have possibly went wrong... went wrong! I'm not even kidding.  The day before the wedding, we were packing all the GLASS dome centrepieces into a box to be delivered to the venue, and one fell - and smashed.
Our youngest daughter Lexie-Anna, came down with a vomit and diarrhoea bug, with a high temperature, which lasted the entire day - she was our flowergirl, wearing a white dress! THANKFULLY, someone was looking down upon us that day - nah, my hairdresser is a mummy of three boys and came to the rescue with diorlyte, which seemed to prevent the vomiting and diarrhoea for the day, woohoo!!!  She still had a temperature throughout the day so was a bit mardy, but we survived it. 

When I arrived at the venue, walking down the aisle, FIRSTLY I notice that there was a few unexpected guests had turned up, without RSVP'ing - so off course, I started to freak out - there was no meal for them. They didn't stay for the meal though, they had only arrived for the ceramony!  

Secondly - I practically dragged my dad down the aisle, accidentally off course, nerves completely overtook me, so I pretty much ran down to David. 
Then, when I reached David, I only go and trip over my own bloody feet - and stood there secretly hoping no-one else noticed, though I am certain everyone did! 

However - apart from the few mishaps, everything went AMAZINGLY! 

I had a fantastic day from start to finish, and couldn't have possibly wished for a more perfect day. 


I stayed over the night before in my parents house, whilst David and my Brother who was man of honour stayed at our house. 
The morning of the wedding - I woke up, we had to be up so early - not that I done much sleeping, not due to nerves, because I was so calm, surprisingly, but due to Lexie-Anna being unwell. 

My bridesmaids arrived, parents got up, and the makeup artist and hairdressers arrived. 
Mum whipped up bacon and sausage baps for everyone, the kids played on their tablets, while we all enjoyed being fussed and pampered over. 


So, obviously, I don't know what all happened during the men's getting ready process. I know the groom, man of honour, father of the groom, both ushers, photographer, and the bridesmaids partners all went out for breakfast to a restaurant - but what happened when they returned is unknown lol, but here's a couple of snaps the photographer picked up. 


We got hitched at 3pm sharp - I walked down the aisle to Christina Perri - A Thousand Years playing as my background music. I can still remember seeing David for the first time, and how handsome he looked in his suit, smiling away. He didn't look at all nervous, whilst I was a bag of nerves. 

The registrar was lovely, so accommodating. 
We had our daughters as not only our Flower Girls, but as our Ring Bearers aswell. They looked stunningly beautiful, I don't think I've ever laid eyes on more beautiful flower girls. 

The ceremony went well, it was a lovely service, very simple and kept basic, but lovely all the same. The girls gave our family and friends a good giggle, when they covered their eyes when the registrar pronounced us man and wife, and we kissed, I don't think they'll ever get over the fact mummy kissed daddy! 

We then moved to the terrace for photographs, then downstairs to the front foyer, and then the wedding party went down by the river to do a miniature balloon release in memory of  our Angel Baby, which didn't go to plan, considering some balloons got caught in a tree, and after the usher spent ages trying to fetch them down again, they were finally released without anymore problems, and it was just beautiful, a lovely memory! 

We went in for a three course dinner then, and the room was absolutely stunning, I was gobsmacked when I seen it. We had went for a cadbury purple and silver colour with a beauty and the beast theme. This was rather difficult to plan and do, as beauty and the beast items or merch tend to come in reds and yellows, so trying to do it in my own colours was difficult, but we succeeded and seeing everything set out around the room, the decor, the centrepieces, the fairylight backdrop... the cake! Everything was spectacular!  It was like something from a fairytale, if not better. I loved it, and couldn't thank the staff enough. 

The meal was delicious, so nice, everyone complimented it. Then the evenings entertainment for the reception arrived. Our D.J was outstanding. 
We had our first dance to Ariana Grande Feat John Legend - Tale as old as Time from the new Beauty and the Beast 2017 movie. It was perfect, and I couldn't have picked a better song to have our first dance to, and tie in with our theme. 

Then dad and I had our first dance together and probably our last, as even though Dad and I are close, dancing most certainly isn't either of our things lol. Dad chose our song though, he picked Butterfly Kisses, and it was also perfect. Really summed Dad and I up, I was always a daddys girl and probably always will be. 

The night went on, and everyone had a ball. It was perfect. Drinks were flowing, the bar actually ran out of beer thats how much everyone was enjoying the drinks lol. The Dj had everyone up dancing, the kids were all being incredible. 
Then, my usher and big cousin, who is more like an older brother, surprised me by bringing his partner (or not girlfriend) as they say lol, over from England for the evening reception! Was the icing on top of a fantastic day, was the first time i'd met her, after chatting with her for a few weeks online, and it was lovely. 

After the party was slowly coming to an end, David and I kissed goodbye to our girls as my mum took them home for the night, and we shot off to spend the night in the MillBrook Hotel, a lovely and generous gift from my Uncle and his Wife. 
We had a lovely night, and as I have typed this, I'm getting wedding day blues. 

Can you renew your vows after a year? Haha. 

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