Saturday, 4 March 2017

Me & Mine | February 2017

This is the first month I've taken part in this link up.. and actually, I'm a few days late with it. 
But while I was reading up about it, I thought, Wow, this is such a lovely idea, and couldn't be more true, especially where my family is concerned. 

I'm always snapping pictures. I'll snap photo's of the girls together, a photo of each child, a photo of what we're doing, a photo of David, a selfie of myself, or even photo's of one of us, with the kids.. but it is very rare, that I will get many photo's of - Us all together, as a family unit.. which is what I would like to have more off, hence the reason, I have decided, this link will be a good way for me to be able to do that, whilst sharing those special moments on my blog also. 

During February, we had a lot going on. It was the shortest month of the year, and everything felt as though it was just cramming in. 

Lacey-Beth had a week off school for half term, not to mention her very first valentine's disco in school, before they went on a break, and all she could talk about was giving her crush, a valentines card.. Why do children have to grow up so fast? She's only five and already talking about boys.. During half term, as a family, we done some arts and crafts, and went to the play park.. we actually didn't do very much else exciting, even though we had lots planned. 

We also went to my brothers 25th birthday "party"  - it was a small, celebration. Just us, my parents and of course my brother.. We ate food, had cake, and then we egged my brother, which was hilarious - however Lacey-Beth didn't seem to see the funny side. 

Yeah.. February was a pretty good month for us. Long may it continue throughout 2017. 

This is us, Family Game Night - We played the Cinderella Glass Slipper game, which was Lacey-Beth's choice. 
The Me and Mine Project

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