Friday, 24 March 2017

Wedding Dates | Why we chose ours

David and I both decided to tie the knot, on the 11th April 2018. 
It was set in stone, before we were even planning on getting married, that was the date we really wanted, with no questions asked, and no doubts in our minds. 

Many people know how much this date means, to not only David and I, but to us all as a family unit, and to our family circle, and knowing our families, and especially our children would be there, celebrating with us on our special day, we really wanted this date, to include our angel. 

In August 2010, David and I found out we were expecting our first child. We were both excited, and couldn't wait.. That excitement didn't last too long, when just weeks later, we were being told at a scan that we had lost our baby. 

Baby Angel was due to be born on the 11th April 2011. Every year on that date, we try to make it a happy day for us, and the girls.. because we don't want to look back on the very little memories we do have with sadness, when it was such a happy time in our lives.

So, we decided, that would be the most perfect date to get married on. 
We knew we would have our beautiful earth babies there with us on the day we say I Do.. so this would be a perfect way to include all our children. 

We have also decided, we would like to do a balloon release on the day, to send to our beautiful angel, as his or her birthday present, and would like to include each of our guests.. However, with a little twist, we're going to supply a tag and pens for each balloon, so if any guest wishes too, they can send their own little message up to their own loved ones.. but for myself, David and the girls, we will be sending our balloons up to our own little guardian angel, for his or her seventh birthday. 

Do you guys have any reasons behind your wedding dates? 

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