Friday, 31 March 2017

Me & Mine | March 2017

Ok, so it's offically the final day of March 2017, and i'm actually feeling a bit bummed out about the Me & Mine Linky for this month, simply because I've just come to the realisation that I've got taking literally NO photo's of the four of us together, at all. Especially with Mother's Day, which kinda sucks. 

I have managed however, to snap photos of myself, with the girls, David with the girls, and heck even David and Myself together.. or the girls on their own, which let's face it, isn't all that hard when your a mother who loves snapping shots of their kids at every opportunity. 

March, has been such a wonderful month for us. Celebrating Mother's Day, not only for myself, but with my mama bear too, we had lunch together as a family, with my parents and brother, it was lovely. We also celebrated David's birthday, and attended a wedding fayre on the same day, which was exciting. 

Lacey-Beth also achieved Star of the Week in school, and got a reward for cycling her bike to school everyday for two weeks as part of The Big Pedal scheme, the whether has been lovely, so it has allowed her to start putting her bike to use again, and we have all been enjoying the little bit of sunshine we did get there. We took a family walk along the river, spotting all the ducks and swans nesting, we love walking along there in the Spring, especially when all the baby ducklings are swimming along behind their mama's - our girls love seeing them. 

Lexie-Anna is also now fully potty trained, no more nappies for us, YAY!  
And we think she's definitely getting there during the night too, we still use pull ups for night, however she's been dry the last week or so - so it will definitely be a godsend if she is going to jump quickly into being trained during the night too. 

I also took part in the British Heart Foundations Dechox this month - giving up chocolate for the whole month of March - my mum done it with me, and together we raised a total of £82 for British Heart Foundation - which is 82% of our target - we set out to raise £100 .. so I really don't think we done too badly. 

And Lacey-Beth started her private classes in dance this month, and has been practising her solo very hard, and even encouraging her daddy to help her. She's to practice a leg lift - heel rise, I literally have no idea what it's called.. however Lacey-Beth doesn't keep her knee's straight when doing them, so she's to practice them at home, the perfect opportunity for her to get her daddy involved with her dance. 

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