Saturday, 4 March 2017

World Book Day | Alice in Wonderland

This was our first year taking part in World Book Day - as Lacey-Beth has only started Primary School this year, and Nursery School, last year, didn't take part in World Book Day. 
So, we were excited to get stuck into prepping the perfect outfit - well, at least I was, the only thing Lacey-Beth was excited about, was actually getting to wear a costume to school. 

She chose to go dressed as Alice in Wonderland. So we ordered her an Alice Outfit from eBay, which wasn't overly expensive - it only cost me £7.99 and that was delivery included. 

When it arrived, it looked a little too 'plain' though - I wanted to add a few touches to it. 
So with the help of my very creative mum, we got stuck into, prepping her, some props to sew onto her costume, and to take with her. 

Out of card, we cut out the White Rabbits stop watch, and a key shape to make the Golden Key.. We then printed out onto photo paper, the mad hatters hat, and two playing cards - one with the Queen of Hearts, and the other with Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee on them. 

We then used Gold Glitter paper to decorate the key, and made a cupcake, using a bun case, pink and red tissue paper, and just glued them down. 

We got a tin flask (from poundland) and cut out a label, writing 'drink me' on it - For her to use as a prop - and done the same label saying 'eat me' for the cupcake. 

We then sewed everything onto the costume - apart from the clock, which we tied some gold string too, and she wore it as a necklace - for everything, altogether it cost me £8.99 - as most of the things used, we had in our craft box already. 
She looked the part, but most of all, she had a fantastic time, and enjoyed every moment of World Book Day. 

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