Saturday, 4 March 2017

Pancake Tuesday | Mum Makes A Mean Pancake

Everyone loves pancakes... right?

In our house, everyone is a big lover of pancakes (and in Nanny's house).. So of course we just had to make some pancakes for Pancake Tuesday! - ok yes - I lie - My Mum had to make pancakes for pancake Tuesday! 

They were delicious, everyone - including my Dad and Lexie-Anna (and they're usually the fussiest eaters) enjoyed them - We topped them off with - nutella or homemade jam - and some ice-cream on the side - which funnily enough, was made by Lacey-Beth at a friends ice-cream inventors party - so actually, everything besides the nutella was homemade. 

My mum sure does make a mean Pancake.. I don't know why she only makes them once a year, she definitely needs to make them more often. 

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