Tuesday, 7 March 2017

My Sunday Photo | Couple Time

Welcome to this week's "My Sunday Photo"  - I'm a tad late at posting this, as I haven't been online the last few days.
However, Sunday was my fiance's birthday, so it was already a pretty exciting day. We never get a chance to be just Stacie and David rather than Mummy and Daddy .. As much as we love being Mummy & Daddy, it is always a treat to let your hair down, and enjoying not playing parents for a few hours.. My mum is so hands on with our girls, and does take them for sleepovers regularly, but normally David & I tend to just catch up on some much needed sleep, or some much needed housework, we never actually do anything enjoyable together.

So, on Sunday, my parents watched the girls for us, and we took ourselves of into town for a few hours. We attended a wedding fayre, then went for a meal and had a few drinks, then headed shopping. It was lovely to get those few hours peace and quite, and to just enjoy each others company for a change. It was a long time coming, so it was much appreciated. 


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