Monday, 27 March 2017

Mothers Day | Knowing I Am Loved

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in the UK .. and as per usual, I had a lovely day. 
It really did help that the sun was shinning also, Spring is definitely in the air. 

The girls (and I suppose I should give credit to their father) let me have a long lye in, yesterday morning. It was definitely long over due, and well needed. I think I slept until gone 11am, which for me, is a very long lye in, I'm usually awake at the crack of dawn. I was then woke up to breakfast in bed - bacon sandwiches with soft cheese, and I have to say, it was delicious (thank you David)  

The girls then gave me, a beautiful card, that they signed themselves, and a beautiful framed quote - 

- Mummy, never forget how loved you are 
With the cutest little elephant on it. I love elephants, so this was a bit of a personal touch. 
And the quote? Cheered me right up. It's nice, to hear it (or in this case read it) and know then just how much these two small human beings that you created, do love you, they do rely on you, and they do need you. 

I always doubt myself as a mother. I never feel that I'm good enough. There's always something to doubt. 

- Am I feeding them enough?
- Am I over feeding them? 
- Am I showing them enough love? 
- Am I not showing them enough? 
- Do they love me? 
- What if they hate me? 
- Is Lacey-Beth doing ok in school? Is she coping ok with the learning? 
- Have I tried potty training Lexie too early? Too late? Just on time? 
- Did I show them enough attention today? 
- Is the house clean enough for them? 

The list goes on and on. It's endless. Everything becomes a worry, when you become a mother, it's only natural. Heck even before you meet them, you're already constantly worrying about them.. As mothers, we never stop doubting ourselves.. 
So for me personally, to see those words "never forget how loved you are" 
It was the icing on top of the cake for me, knowing I am loved and I am loved by two of the most precious little girls in my life, who need me to be strong, who need me to be there, for them. 

They also surprised me with some new clothes and shoes.. So it is pretty safe to say, I was a very spoiled Mummy yesterday. 

We then got dressed, and went to spend a few hours with my Mum, and give her, her gifts. 
We had some lunch there, and enjoyed the sun in the garden. 
Then the girls, David and I, went for a walk to the ice cream shop.. enjoyed and ice cream then a trip to the park. 

It was lovely spending quality time enjoying the lovely weather, and the girls had a ball. 

So yeah. Mother's Day for me, was a lovely day, and I couldn't have wanted it any other way, thanks to my babies. 

What did you guys get up to for Mothers Day? 
We hope you had a lovely time with your families x 

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