Sunday, 9 September 2018

#MySundayPhoto | September 9th 2018

Ok, so I know #MySundayPhoto for this week, isn't of the best quality, but in my defence, it was taken on my phone camera, which I didn't zoom in on,  and snapped from a large screen.

The quality of the picture was also very dark, so I've had to use an insta filter also, which hasn't really made it any better - but you can just about see it properly! 

This morning, my beautiful mother - got Baptised in her church, and I was very much the proud daughter, getting to witness this. 
I am so proud of her for standing up there, infront of a packed church and going ahead with giving herself to God. 

Now I am not a Christian - I currently am in two minds over what I believe in - But my mum is a strong Christian, and got saved maybe around a year ago, after having started to attend a new community church for a number of years. She also takes my own two girls with her, every week without fail and they both love and enjoy it. 

Just because I am currently in two minds about my beliefs, does not mean I will ever discriminate against my mum, or my children for what they believe, or for them choosing to follow Christ, and become Christians. 

I have so much respect for my mum, as I know today was probably pretty nerve wrecking for her (and the other five people who got baptised alongside her) - but she did it with so much pride and dignity, and served God in the best way she could today, and I am so proud of her, for not letting anyone dictate to her about what she should and shouldn't believe in. 

The girls really enjoyed watching their Nanny get baptised also, and it was lovely having my Aunts, Uncles, Dad, Brother, Little Cousin and Daughters in Church, all there to support my mum! 
t was a lovely service, and I really enjoyed it! 
I love you mum and I am so proud of you! 

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  1. What a lovely moment to share and capture.

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto