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Liked and Loved | Sep 2018

September 2018 Liked and Loved Linky

Mrs Hinch:

So I know i'm not the only person who has become a little obsessed with Mrs Hinch, be honest, how many others are there?
I got introduced to Mrs Hinch earlier in the month, and now? I'm hooked. 
I'm hinching every day, i'm putting my kitchen to bed, my cloths to bed, my sinks to bed, i've even gone and bought a Dave the Duster.. and I have sworn that once I can find them, I will be buying a Minkeh and Pinkeh. I have always loved Zoflora, but I am now using it a lot more than I was doing, finding new ways and uses for this small bottle of heaven. 
Mrs Hinch and the Hinch Army have entirely taken over my life 
BUT.... if I am being honest, in a positive way. Not only is my house looking clean, and smelling fresh, but it's really helping my mental health in more ways than I imagined. Obviously, I did clean before Mrs Hinch - with two kids, you have to, don't you? But I never went mad on it, and never had a real love for it until now. Mrs Hinch has shown me easier tips than I was doing myself, and honestly some of the tips, the quotes and the little things she does, has really helped me to uplift my moods daily. I'm finding it all very therapeutic and relaxing. Even the kids are joining in and enjoying it (I only let them dust or use some antibac wipes - nothing major) 

Lacey-Beth's Adventure Mini Break:

Lacey-Beth went off on a little adventure with her best friend, and her second family, to stay in the South of Ireland, in Co.Cavan in some log cabins in the woods. 
They went for a whole weekend, and she really enjoyed it. This girl has had so many adventures throughout the summer with her best friend and family, and has loved every single one, and honestly, it's given her some amazing memories to cherish always, and given her adventures that I probably could never give or take her on. 
Cathy (her besties mummy) kept me updated through text and calls, and sent lots of pics of the girls enjoying themselves. They got to experience new things and honestly just had a ball. 

International Day Of Peace: 

On the 21st September - it was international day of peace and the local women's group I attend along with the local pensioners group had teamed together to do a silk painting of a now abandoned Linen Mill in our local town, with the fields and river around it, and a girl in the middle, to represent the peace in our communities around our area. 
This painting was unveiled on international day of peace in the Titanic Building in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
Our two groups attended this event, and it was a lovely day. We got a tour of the last surviving While Star Line ship - the Nomadic, had a bit of lunch, then travelled of for a tour of Northern Ireland's parliament building - Stormont.

28 Years Married: 

My parents celebrated their 28th Wedding Anniversary last week. They were spoiled with gorgeous gifts. And then we spent the evening together as a family indulging in chinese takeaway. A small and quite evening, but enjoyed by the seven of us - my parents, both my daughters, myself and husband, and my brother. 

An Autumn Photoshoot:

I used to love taking my own photos of the girls before my mental health reached it's peak. 
I stopped doing shoots with them, when I got really bad - but as mentioned before, Mrs Hinch and her techniques are really helping me to overcome that anxiety. 
So this week, for the first time in two years, I lifted the camera to take some proper photos of the girls.  Unfortunately Lacey-Beth decided she's too 'cool' and too 'old' to do this anymore, but Lexie-Anna happily obliged. 
They don't look the best, but rememeber, it has been two years from I took photos on a proper camera, and edited any, but I still love how they turned out all the same. 

Dance Exams:

During the summer Lacey-Beth had started taking ABD exam classes in dance. These are carrying on throughout term time, until her dance teacher feels she is ready to take the actual exam. 
Last week, the girls all received their beautiful Exam Classes and Exam Uniform to wear, a beautiful purple Leotard with footless tights. 
Lacey-Beth absolutely loves it - it's her third dance uniform, so far. She's her normal, everyday dance uniform for classes, her competition tracksuit to wear attending competitions and her private lessons, and then this gorgeous leotard for her exam work. 
She feels and looks so grown up in it. 

A Cornish Mum

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  1. I love your autumn photoshoot! Gorgeous photos, before I read you'd done it I presumed you had gotten some professional ones done! I also love Mrs Hinch, she's gotten me cleaning a whole lot more too.

    Thanks for joining in with #LikedandLoved :) Stevie x