Monday, 3 September 2018

My Monthly Goals | September

I seen an amazing blog post by on her August Review and September Goals which you can read here and I absolutely loved the idea of making my own 'Monthly Goal List'  so, after reading Ali's amazing post, I was motivated to start my own! 

This is my first month doing this, so obviously I haven't got an August review to share with you all - But let's hope by next month, I will have completed the most, if not all of my own goals, and hopefully have maybe inspired a reader to start their own 'Monthly Goals' 

September Goals:

  • Take more family pictures together:  We never get 'enough' pictures of the four of us together as a family unit - I'm always getting snap shots of the girls and David together, but hardly ever any of all of us. So i'd really like to start getting into the habit of even gathering at least two monthly photos of us all together. 
  • Continue reading with the kids: Ok this one might sound rather strange, as I do read to the girls - EVERY night - but up until recent it has been the little bedtime stories - Last month we visited the library and Lacey-Beth took out a few Jacqueline Wilson books - and these have made great bonding time stories with the girls. They are absolutely loving Jacqueline Wilson stories at the minute!  We try to squeeze in up to two chapters per night of each book. At the moment we are reading Happy Holidays and the girls favourite Rent a Bridesmaid - we have also been reading Roald Dahl - Matilda which they are also loving, although I think they enjoy the movie more. 
  • Finish Lacey-Beth's birthday shop:  Lacey-Beth turns seven years old on the 31st October - yes, my little Halloween baby! - And by mid-september at least, I like to feel organised and prepared and know that I have all her presents sorted. This year, I am still quite on track but haven't finished. I've her main present got and her second present ordered, and have still to get her outfits, and her present from her sister. I've her cake ordered though not paid for yet, and have started to save for her day out. So slightly organised but still quite a bit to do. 
  • Make a start on Christmas: I know, I know! Christmas when it's only September - BUT, when you've two kids, a new baby nephew, a LARGE family, a house to sort, and new decorations to buy - you NEED to be starting to think about Christmas by September!  Especially when Lacey-Beth's getting older, the things shes asking for are getting more expensive. I'm hoping to start my Christmas Savers Club this month, and maybe have a few presents ordered for family. 
  • Continue to eat healthy: Lacey-Beth has put me on a strict, no junk foods or fizzy juice diet - and lets face it, I desperately needed it. And for her, I want to succeed at it. I want to continue finding the willpower through her to do it, and stay clear of the 'bad foods' throughout September. 

So, lets see how I get on with this months goals. 
Can I succeed and make them all happen? 

Have you any September Goals? comment below. 

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