Saturday, 29 September 2018

October's Library Visit | A few days early

Technically this is supposed to be October's library visit, but we're a few days early.
Our previous library books were due back today, so had to be returned, so we just collected some new books while we were there. 

So this month, 
Lacey-Beth's choice picks are:

- Jacqueline Wilson - Cookie 
- R.L Stine - Goosebumps 
- Kate Pankhurst - Mariella Mystery investigates the disappearing dinner lady 
- Gillian Sheilds - When the world is ready for bed 
- Camilla De La Bedoyere - Whale Shark 

Lexie-Anna's choice picks are:

- Elfida Vipont - The Elephant and the Bad Baby
Ladybird Books - Goodnight Peppa 
- Richard Dungworth and Jane Massey - One Little Baby
Sean Taylor - Crocodiles are the best animals of all 
- David Walliams - The slightly annoying elephant 

We already had Jacqueline Wilson's - Cookie out last month, unfortunately never got the chance to finish it, so Lacey-Beth has decided to take it again so as we can finish it off. 
I am looking forward to reading David Walliams book also, I've heard so many great reviews about his story books. 

This month I also decided to take out two books for myself aswell, just to give me a bit of bedtime reading. 

So I've went for 
Jane Elliott's - Mummy's Little Girl and The little Prisoner 

Unsure how i'll feel about them, they sound like a book thats going to have me crying, but I am keen to get stuck back into reading. I used to adore reading, but the last book I read was 50 shades of Grey because everyone else was raving about it. 

Can anyone suggest any decent reads for me to give a try? 

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