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Liked and Loved Linky | February 2017

I've decided to take part in liked and loved linky. 
I love looking back and recapping on a month, especially if a month has been extremely stressful, then I can look back and see the happier, positive sides to said month. So this will be a great opportunity to do that. 

What I liked and loved about February 2017: 

Lacey-Beth went to her very first Valentine's disco in school, just before they broke up for half term. She had a fantastic time, with all her wee friends, dancing and playing. She got herself dressed up, and wanted me to curl her hair. It was lovely, dolling her all up for her wee disco, and spending that one to one time with her, but it made me question, when the hell did she get so grown up?? I know, I'm biased, but didn't she look beautiful? 

Lexie-Anna officially came out of nappies. She potty trained this month, and she has done absolutely fantastic. Now, we haven't tried her long distances just yet.. we will get there though. But for home time, and shorter distances... She has mastered it completely, and she's super proud of herself also. And rightly so. I'm so proud of her achieving this, four months before she turns three. Definitely over the moon with her, I didn't think Miss Lexie would have been as easy as she has been to train, but she has surprised me. 

We made birds nest buns. We love Easter in our house, and even though it's still a while away yet, we're already getting in the notion for it, so we decided to make birds nests. This was the first time Lexie-Anna had really gotten involved with baking and making, so it was nice to spend that quality time with both girls together, and see them enjoying licking the chocolate out of the bowl afterwards - it was always the best part as a child. 

We had half term - and Lacey-Beth had a play date with her wee friend from school. She had a ball and came home filled with stories (and some ideas for her daddy to get creative lol) It was nice that she got to get out of the house and away from playing 'big sister' for a while, and got to play with her own wee friends. She was so excited too bless her, so I'll definitely have to organise some play dates for her in future. 

Sunday Nights = Family Movie Nights. This has kind of become a tradition now in our house. After the girls get their Sunday night baths, we all snuggle up with some popcorn and relax with a good family movie. One week - Daddy and I choose a movie from our childhood - Last night we chose The Sandlot - was always a favourite. Other weeks, the girls choose - you can already guess their choices - Trolls, Moana, Frozen, Minions etc.. hence the reason we take it turn about picking movies from different eras.  It's always nice to snuggle up with them though. 

My brother said YES to being my MAN OF HONOUR! - You can read all about it here
I was over the moon that he agreed.. Yes I know I look awful in the picture, but it was such a happy moment, so I don't even care. 

We also celebrated my brothers 25th birthday - and his beloved little nieces stole his thunder, blowing out the candles on his cake. We had a lovely family meal, followed by cake for his birthday, the girls love when we do family get together's to celebrate an occasion. 

Lacey-Beth went along to a 'Movie Night' in her dance studio, where she watched Secret Life of Pets. She had a fantastic time, and with a red carpet arrival at the studio I'm sure every child there felt like royalty. Her dance studio really is THE BEST! 

We've been getting the craft box out a lot recently and getting very creative. The girls have loved it. Especally the cutting and sticking, all the colourful stickers too. I decided to practice some 'wedding bits and bobs' just to see how they would turn out - they're not official wedding decor - but I have really enjoyed making a few wee bits and pieces. 

I have to admit, I won't be glad to see the back of February, as much as it has been an enjoyable month, it's been freezing, wet and windy. I'm looking forward to Spring coming in. 

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  1. Hi I was just nosing through the tweets with my linky hashtag and spied that you had tweeted and written this in Feb! Did you add your link to the inlinkz thing on my site? Only I obviously didn't see it? So sorry - a very very very belated sorry!

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