Thursday, 30 August 2018

First Day At School | P1 here we come

Today was a big milestone for our baby Lexie-Anna.
She started Primary School today, in P1
This morning, it's safe to say, was a barrel of mixed emotions. 

I cried, she cried, Daddy got overwhelmed and Lacey-Beth became the overprotective big sister. 

It was so strange seeing her in her school uniform, I mean, it felt completely different to seeing Lacey-Beth in hers - perhaps its because she is the baby of the family maybe? 
We were all a little more overwhelmed this time round, and she definitely sensed it. 

Just how adorable does she look? 

I honestly can't believe thats my youngest at school now. Where on earth does the time go? 
I still don't know how I feel about this. 

We had a few tears from her this morning, and she didn't want to leave me - she has gotten a tad clingy towards me, which is unusual for Lexie-Anna, as she is normally a daddys girl. 

The primary one class were being brought in this week, in small groups of six, as transition days, then from Monday, they will all be in together for the full week. 
So Lexie-Anna's group went today. 
The teacher came over to their line, Lexie-Anna was first in the line, and the teacher went to bring them all in through the doors, and Lexie-Anna refused to move - I thought oh-no she's going to start crying again.  She backed off and turned to me, with a few tears, then the teacher took her by the hand and off she toddled, I went and stood by the fire escape doors, where I could see in, to make sure she had settled and was ok. She hung her coat up, on her peg in the cloak room, then came out, all smiles. She seen me, gave me a big smile, and took herself into the classroom. 

I was so relieved she settled so quickly, after a small set back. 

She was only in for three hours today, at home time, she was smiling, and said she had a great day - she's already looking forward to going back. 
Happy Child = Happy Mummy

She looks so tiny to be in primary school - saying that though, all the primary one's looked so tiny today. 
I just can't believe my baby - is now no longer a baby - she's at big school now. 

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