Sunday, 26 August 2018

My Sunday Photo | 26th August 2018

My Sunday Photo this week, is my girls having fun, seeing their smiles, is amazing!
We haven't had much time to get out this Summer as a family. 
Lacey-Beth has ventured with her best friend and second family, and had a ball, but as a family, we haven't gotten to travel or venture much. 
So, we took our final trip of Summer this weekend, to Portrush, in Northern Ireland - Our home country. 

We hit up Barry's Amusements, and the funfair, and the girls had a blast. 

They both went on the Big Apple roller coaster, Lexie-Anna wasn't overly fussed, she didn't seem to like it, Lacey-Beth loved it though. 
Then Lacey-Beth and myself went on the Turtle water ride, hearing her laughter was incredible! And it was the first time I'd joined her on this ride - again, Lexie-Anna took one look, and didn't even want to try it, bless her, she's like her Daddy that way - doesn't like rides! 

Then, they went on the 'swings' - both enjoyed those, and the Ghost Train we went on as a family - none of them enjoyed it, to be fair though, I didn't expect them to, but they both wanted to try it. 

They loved the teacups! 

We enjoyed chips by the sea front, and some dinky donuts on the train home! 

The weather was lovely and warm, a few spits here and there, but didn't amount to much. 
It was the perfect 'last weekend of the summer holidays' for us! We all had a great time, and home with lots of memories to cherish. 

The girls Auntie Dawn, and her partner David were home visiting from Scotland for the weekend, and came with us also, so it was a fantastic day! 

Making lots of family memories!  


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