Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Back To School | the supplies haul

So, this is it. 
The dreaded back to school shop, is complete, as of today! 
We've the uniforms, the shoes, the gym shoes and trainers in. The pencil case, schoolbag, gym and lunch bags. The water bottles. All the stationary, and the fresh new coats. 

This day next week, Lacey-Beth will be on her second day in P3, and Lexie-Anna will be getting a bath and early night, ready to start a big P1 on the Thursday morning!

I know she was in nursery school last year, but honestly, I do think i'll cry next week. 
It seems such a big step. Nursery, was a little daunting, but seeing her going into p1 will be soul crushing, because she is my youngest, she's my last baby, once she goes there isn't anymore babies at home with me. 

And Lacey-Beth in P3, honestly? 
That scares me. Is there a pause button for life? Can I have it? Can I use it?
I remember Lacey-Beth starting her first day in P1, and now shes for P3, she has grown up so quickly, right before my very eyes. 

I'm excited along with them, as they are excited, but at the same time, i'm a bloody mess inside, and I know i'll be a blubbering mess come next week. 

Are your kids all back to school yet? 
When does summer end and school start for you guys? 

I am so relieved to have the back to school shop finished, a huge relief! 
And I am looking forward to next week, as this summer has been awful, with two little girls who have done nothing but "be bored" and "fight" 
We've barely got out on any trips at all this year, due to David's work, he only got a week off this summer, however we're planning one last day trip this weekend, the last trip before schools back, so that should be fun. 

Have you any last minute trips planned? 
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