Tuesday, 28 August 2018

A New School Year | P3 here we come

Today, our not so little girl, Lacey-Beth, went into her first day of a new year at school. 
She's now moved out of the infant part of the school, and is now in Primary Three! 

She's got a new teacher, a new classroom assistant, and all her same little chums!

It feels as though I have blinked somewhere in life, and she's sprouted up. 
No, seriously. 
I remember her starting Nursery school, like yesterday! How are we four years later, and she's now in PRIMARY THREE!

She had a great first day. She got given her seat and table today. She felt as proud as punch, as this year, is the first year she gets to bring a schoolbag. 
In primary one & two, they were provided with clear plastic book bags for homeworks, so this year has definitely made her feel a lot more grown up. 

She is looking forward to feeling even more grown up, on Thursday when her little sister joins her in school. Lexie-Anna will go into Primary One, but I will post about that, on the day. 

But yes, we had a great day all round, she barely slept a wink last night out of sheer excitement, and was up at the crack of dawn this morning eager to go and get her uniform on to go. 

Her daddy walked in through the door at 8am, after finishing night shift at work, and she practically knocked him off his feet from excitement, and wouldn't let him go to bed until he had seen her go in through the school gate - yes, she demanded we both take her. 

It's been a fun filled, happy day in our household, and a very excited six year old on our hands, who is busting to get going into school tomorrow for her second day in P3!

Are your kids back to school yet? 
What class or grade are they starting this year? 
Excitement, Nerves or Tears from your household? 
Comment below and let me know :)
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