Saturday, 18 August 2018

Childrens Heartbeat Trust Fundraiser | My Best Friends Family

This little post is a little bit different to what I usually blog about, and it's nothing to do with my own wee family, but it does concern mine, and my husbands best friends, and their little family. 

Recently our best friends who are also married to one another, found out they were expecting a baby boy, unfortunately, they received such devastating news that their little boy was diagnosed in the womb with HLHS (hypo-plastic left heart syndrome)

My best friend, Becca has started a blog, all about their journey throughout pregnancy with HLHS, if you would all want to read up about her updates throughout pregnancy, the link is

I cannot imagine how any of them are possibly feeling right now, its surreal. 
But, their little boy, has a mother and father who love the bones of him, he has two sisters who will adore him, and he's family that will be there to support them all, so everyone knows, hes going to be the best wee warrior ever for them all, its only natural he would be, with who his parents are. 

His daddy, Stuart is doing an incredible thing this year for his birthday, and has started a fundraiser to raise money for the Children's Heartbeat Trust, who are helping them and supporting them as a family throughout this. 
This is such a fantastic thing to do for their precious boy, and for every other family, or child who has had to go through this.
His goal is to raise £150 in two weeks, and so far, in only days he has managed to raise £105 

It would be super, if anyone following and/or reading this post, could help this family out, and donate anything you can, even as small as £1 to this fantastic cause. 

The link to donate is:

Anything you can give, would be a massive help, and I know the family would greatly appreciate any donation, no matter how big or small. 


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