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Liked and Loved Linky | August 2018

August 2018 - #LikedandLoved Linky 

Nephew Sleepovers

At the beginning of the month, my gorgeous new nephew came for his first sleepover with me. I was so excited to have him, and overwhelmed that his mummy trusted me to look after him overnight for her so that she and her partner could celebrate their anniversary together with a date night. 

He was as good as gold. He slept well, waking every four hours for a feed, which isn't too bad considering he was only around four weeks old at the time. 

This little boy is honestly a little godsend. I would move mountains for him, and his big cousins absolutely adore the bones of him, so getting to have him for the night, was amazing - an experience going back to having a newborn during the night, but amazing all the same. 

Father Bonding

The girls enjoyed some bonding time with their daddy. He works night shift all week and only gets a Friday and Saturday night off - he spends most of the week sleeping, or being a grump because he is tired, so he and the girls haven't really had much 'fun' times this summer, together. Both of them adore their dad, as much as Lacey-Beth may deny it, she is her daddys daughter, and loves him very much, and they love every moment they get to spend with him. 

Dobbies Breakfast

I went out for breakfast - or brunch maybe, this month with the ladies from the local women's group for our area, although to be honest, half of them are my family - I have two aunts and my mum in that photo that all are members of the group. It was lovely though, they are a great bunch of ladies, and all look out for me. It was the first i'd been to Dobbies for food and I have to say, I would return, the food was delicious and I would highly recommend. 

Best Friend Sleepovers

Everyone remembers the summer holidays when they would beg their parents to let a friend sleepover, right? I know I do - every week without fail. Which is exactly what these girls do. Yasemin is their best friend, and they have been inseperable all summer. They have had trips away to Yasemin's caravan with her family, sleepovers at each others houses, and just having the best summer ever, making lots of exciting memories - this was their last Sleepover together this month, before school started back, they are gutted. 

Calling the tooth fairy

Yep, Lacey-Beth lost another tooth this month - I've lost count now, I think she's lost maybe eight - it could be more or less! She was excited and couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to come. She popped the tooth into her tooth box - then decided to go and have a sleepover with her nanny. The tooth fairy did arrive there and left £2 under her pillow - but didn't the silly tooth fairy forget to come and pick up the tooth - So off course she had to come that night and leave another coin - SILLY TOOTH FAIRY - will not be making that mistake again. 

Scottish Visitors 

My cousin and her partner came over from Scotland last weekend to visit and we all headed out for a day trip to Portrush in Northern Ireland, a seaside resort. We went to Barry's amusements and the fun fair, ate our weight in dinky donuts, chips and drank slush puppies. We all had a fab day on the rides, and walking along the sea front. It tired the girls out, and miss Lyla the dog. The girls were sad to see Dawn and David go home to Scotland again - but the count down is on until their next visit. 

Back to School

The girls went back to school this week. P3 and P1 they both went into. Seeing them both in their uniforms together, was a tad emotional. Seeing Lexie-Anna, our baby in her uniform was even more emotional. They are both loving being back though, so lets hope it stays that way - I won't hold my breath though, wait until homework starts. 

An end of August change

I went to my hairdresser this week with the intentions of having my long wavy hair trimmed slightly, just for a quick tidy up - got there, feeling frustrated and fed up with that long hair, hanging round my face, looking dim and out of shape, so I told her to chop it up - into a bob it went - and to be honest, I am still getting used to it, but I am kinda loving it too. 

So that's been our August in a nutshell.  I've been having quite a lot of costo flareups this month, so even though it's been a good month in a way, it's also been a horrible month, so yeah, i'm kinda looking forward to seeing what September has in store. 

A Cornish Mum

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  1. Oh I am so jealous of the dinky baby cuddles and sleepover, nothing beats teeny baby snuggles ha! Sounds like a wonderful month to me, thank you for joining in with #LikedandLoved :)

    Stevie x

  2. I bet it was lovely having your baby nephew. My little girl lost her first tooth recently and was so happy x #likedandloved

  3. It sounds like you've had a busy month! My eldest lost his first tooth this summer and was very excited about the tooth fairy coming - glad to hear the magic doesn't wear off! #LikedandLoved

  4. You fitted so much into your summer - and your nephew is SO cute! x