Friday, 17 August 2018

The Siblings Project | August 2018

Ok, so before I took my little 'year long time out' - I did start taking part in The Sibling Project Linky, and was really looking forward to sharing each month, before my 'break' 

So now i'm back, I am going to continue, and it's just perfect timing aswell, considering this months linky opened two days ago. 

So I didn't get many photos of my two girls together in July - well, I did, however, I broke my phone, and lost ALL images I captured via it from July, my google account only restored photos from June back ==> 

And so far in August, it is becoming and proving very difficult to capture a moment of sibling love! We're now into the last two weeks before school starts back, and honestly? I cannot wait. 
This last few weeks have been like living in hell on earth with two little girls who both are extremely strong willed and think they're both, always right - yes they clearly take that little trait after their father, typical girls!

Anyways, they have been fighting, constantly. Arguing over everything, whose holding mummies right hand on the way to town, whose going to leave the teddy on the floor away, whose turn it is to help empty the dishwasher - yes they are even arguing over the chores that no normal child wants to do anyway, but, they'll argue until they're blue in the face, both WANTING to do it, to earn a sticker rather than doing it together. 
So yes, school, hurry up please, I don't think I can stick the arguments for another week!


On the rare occasion I do get them being nice to one another, it is a lovely, split second of a moment! 

This month we haven't really ventured too far, it weather hasn't been great at all, summer is a washout, definitely! I want to know where that heatwave went to? 
Ok, getting of topic a little there - 
Anyway, yes - we've been staying home quite a lot this summer, I would take my girls to visit their Nanny, and they would play with the kids up in the cul-de-sac that mum lives in, which is perfect, as its quite closed in, we can see them, the neighbours all know each other and keep an eye out, and theres barely any traffic goes through as its such a small area, the majority of the traffic is the tenants that live there, driving in and out, and they know theres kids playing so come in slowly. 
So the girls go out and stay out playing most of the day, which is great for them getting fresh air, but also bad as they do end up fighting, with each other or with the other kids - recipe for disaster! 

I am hoping once school starts back, and they get back into their usual routines, they're going to calm down a little and start being a bit nicer to each other. 
But yeah, here's a few snaps I have managed to get of them both, showing some sibling love. 

It looks like butter wouldn't melt... please, don't let their innocence fool you. 

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful
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