Sunday, 19 August 2018

#MySundayPhoto | 19th August 2019

So again, this was a linky I had started before my long overdue break from blogging. And I enjoyed and intend to continue with now. 

This week's My Sunday Photo is my beautiful daughters and my handsome little nephew Charlie. 

Charlie is actually my cousin, BUT, his mummy and I grew up as practically sisters, we were raised together, and went through everything together and we're still closer than ever. 
My own brother, has autism, he never leaves his room, let alone the house. He's an adult now, and it has become reality that its probably very unlikely he will ever have children of his own, despite the fact I know he would make an awesome father as he's a fabulous Uncle to my girls, its just, he's too set in his ways, and in his own routine, that it is an unlikely possibility. 

So Charlie, even though biologically he is my second cousin, is the closest little human to a nephew I will ever have. 

I love the bones of him, as if he were one of my own children. 
And would walk to the ends of the earth for him and his mummy. 

I love capturing moments with him and my girls, or any photos in general of the girls with their cousins. 

I love to capture family memories, with all the family - some will say I go photo happy, and that is the truth, but id rather have a thousand photo albums filled with memories, than a house full of materialistic items that have no heartfelt value. 


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