Friday, 24 February 2017

An early birthday | The lengths of a five year old.

This week, miss Lacey-Beth has been desperate to celebrate her birthday. 
She's only eight months early... but when you feel (and act) like a princess, all the time, 
is it ever too early to celebrate your birthday even if it is eight months in advance?

She told her dance teacher on Monday, that it was her birthday, hence the picture above, wearing the birthday crown in the studio. 

Then two days later, it was her Uncle Gary's birthday.. and she stole his thunder, by blowing out his candles. 

She claims, it's too long to wait until her birthday, so she wanted to have it now. 
Seem's you can just pick and choose when to celebrate... eh? 
Well.. in the eyes of a five year old you can anyway. 
Have your kids ever tried to sneak in an early birthday? 
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