Sunday, 19 February 2017

My Sunday Photo | 19-02-17

It's not very often I catch our girls in such a loving moment of sharing nicely together. 
Being two very strong willed little diva's - neither of them are too keen on 'sharing with one another' - especially Lexie-Anna, so catching them together like this, is a very rare occasion, yet so lovely to see also. 

These girls, as much as they adore one another and love each others company, they are typical sisters, and fight, bicker, squeal and argue, it feels constant some days, mainly over their toys, or tablets.. so I was definitely snapping this moment, on this fine Sunday! 

Peace, Quite and some Sibling Love.. what more could I have asked for on a Sunday?


 photo Collage_zpsnyzjigdb.jpg

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