Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine's Day | Soppy Post For The Better Half.

Since it's valentine's day, I thought a soppy post wouldn't go a miss, for my idiotic other half. 
Nah, I really do love him.. honest! 

We have been together seven years now, and it has been the best seven years of my life. 
We have moved in together, have two absolutely beautiful daughters, that are, our world, and we're planning the next chapter in our lives... we are saying I Do next year. 

I'm not going to lie, things aren't always how they seem, our relationship is far from perfect, our lives are far from perfect. We have just about as many 'down days' as we have 'up days' .. things don't always turn out how we planned or expected, we fight, argue, bicker and get on, like an auld married couple, that's been together seventy odd years.. but when push comes to shove, we take each day as it comes and we deal with shit together, as a family. 

This guy, is the biggest pillock that walked into my life, he's such an idiot, pretty much all of the time, I'm not even gonna try and convince anyone that there are days that he's 'normal' because David doesn't do normal, he's an idiot, period. 
He can act like such a child at times, and I swear there are days I do feel as though I'm raising three kids, not two. He does my head in quite a lot.. and he has so many bad habits that genuinely piss me off... BUT, everything is what makes him... MY David.. and as much as I do say I wish he would stop, I know if he did, it wouldn't feel right. 

He's also the biggest mushiest sweet heart I've ever met, and even though we're seven years into the relationship, he can still send butterflies to my stomach, just from the stupidest, silliest thing he could do, or he'll do or say something that will take me right back to our 'honeymoon period' when the relationship was just starting to blossom, and I'll get those same butterflies all over again, and remember exactly why I fell in love with this man. 

Our relationship may not be perfect to others, heck some people probably even question why we're together.. We've had more people than enough try to come between us, try to break us, try to poison our minds against one another, but we've made it this far, and we'll still continue growing together, as a couple and as a family.. our relationship is perfect to each other, and it's solid, ain't nobody gonna break us. 

I do love this guy though, so effing much. He's my rock, and he has been for the last seven years, maybe a bit longer. I've known him practically my entire life, throughout my whole childhood, I grew up with him, and now I've started a new life, a family, everything with him. He's given me all I could have wanted, infact more, and without him, I know my own life probably wouldn't have been here today, or would have been in a gutter somewhere. He really has pulled me through some of the darkest times of my life, and raised my strengths bit by bit, and I can only hope, that he know's I'm always here to do the same for him, and can only hope he know's exactly how much he means to me, which is why I said yes to marry him. 

He may annoy me, quite a lot, and we may argue over the stupidest things.. but those arguments help us grow stronger, and his silly little ways, make me fall in love all over again, each and every day. 

David Andrew.. You are amazing, I love you. 
Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone else has had a lovely valentines day with their partners? 
What did you guys get up to today? 
David and I had a quite day, we don't really celebrate valentine's - I took the girls out for a walk to the park, then we 'celebrated' with a takeaway with the girls, then watched The Walking Dead when they fell asleep, nothing overly exciting, we do that every year, it's sort of become our valentine tradition now aha. 

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