Friday, 10 February 2017

Introduction | Mummy's Neverland

Hello, and welcome. 

If you have made it onto Mummy's Neverland, then I hope you stick around. I'm Stacie. This is the third blog I have attempted. I do have a keen interest in blogging, I just lost interest in both previous ones, I babbled on, and on, and on...,you get the jist? 

This one, I want to be different, more fun, outgoing... more me! More truthful. 

It's going to be a mixture of things.. If I can find a number of 'interesting' topics during my day to day life. Mainly it's going to me about my little family, the kids, the husband to be, the fambam.. life in general.. Oh, and wedding planning, because I'm turning into a bit of a bridezilla.. and planning a wedding for 2018... I'm soon to be a Mrs... exciting stuff eh? .. So yeah, if any of you crazy brides out there, wanna share some tips.. give me a shout :) 

Uhm.. I also wanna share some hauls, any bargain buys I find. I'm a real lover for bargains.. although nine times out of ten, most of my 'bargains' are things I've picked up for the kids.. However this time round, I do have wedding bargains to purchase.. and I will share, promise... with LINKS! :) 

So yeah.. I hope this will be third time lucky, as I do love and enjoy blogging and writing, and hoping I don't lose interest this time round. 
And I'm hoping, anyone who may stop by, will decide to stick around, and enjoy reading about my family and our crazy adventures 

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