Monday, 13 February 2017

First Day | Half Term Break

It's the first day of half term break. Lacey-Beth is off school for a whole week, the first day, and already I'm thinking, what do I do to occupy these kids for a week? 
Lexie-Anna is usually grand when she's on her own, she's no bother, but together, the two of them fight like cat and dog one minute, they drive themselves doolally, and are just plain, kids.. the constant rhyming of "i'm bored" is forever being played over and over in my head. 

First day, and we pretty much survived. It's 23:08 as I type this blog post, and currently, both kids are STILL awake, and still driving me to the brink of insanity, I needed to come on and blog before I lost the fucking plot...***** sweetly smiles, breathes deeply, and counts to ten*****

Ahem! excuse my french there! 

Anyway, this morning, we took both girls to Jumping Jacks - Soft Play, whilst there, Lacey-Beth bumped into her little friend from school... thank the lord, as usually when we go to soft play, she spends the entire time, chasing her sister about, torturing her, or she's over to us at least twenty times per minute, begging for more juice.. So, it was nice that she had a friend there that kept her occupied, she had a great time, and it did keep her excited for pretty much most of the day afterwards, that she got to spend sometime with a friend, outside of school hours. Lexie-Anna, just played away to herself, or with whichever child she could make friends with, she's a very sociable child is our Lexie, and finds it so easy making friends. 

Tonight the girls helped me make the dinner. They haven't been eating great the last few days, especially Lexie-Anna whose appetite seem's to have gone downhill completely. So we made chicken curry, which is normally a love of both girls (they're like their mum, love spicy foods) but recently, they've barely been touching it. So stealing an idea my cousin gave me, we used tortilla pods, I told the girls they were boats for their curry, and they absolutely loved them! 

After dinner, we decided to make some buns, so we made birds nest buns, using good old fashioned shredded wheat, cooking chocolate, and cadbury's mini eggs. Lexie-Anna has never really made buns before - ok well she has, but she was too young to remember - so this was pretty much her first proper time making buns. She had a great time, and loved getting to lick the bowl and spoon at the end. That was always a favourite of mine when I made buns with my mum.. Did anyone else lick the bowl and spoon at the end? 

So, what is everyone else getting up to with their little one's this half term? 
Anything exciting? 
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