Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Date Night Ideas | Share Yours

How often do you and your partner have date night? 
Do you guys find it difficult to have date night when you have kids? 
or do you guys simply make time to have date night around the kids?

Myself and David haven't ever really had 'date night' .. I mean, we have time to ourselves, on a weekly basis. I'm extremely lucky that my parents are so hands on with the girls, and do like having them over for sleepovers. They would go on a Saturday night, most weekends. There is weekends that Lexie-Anna will refuse to go, she's such a little homebird. 
But even still, whenever we are lucky enough to have both girls away at the same time, we don't do 'date night' .. I would come home, catch up on housework, then go to bed and watch telly, David would play his xbox.. or we would watch a film and grab a takeaway, nothing overly exciting or romantic. 

But, having anxiety, and not getting out of the house as much, I do want to change that. 
I am so fed up of anxiety kicking my ass, I want to get better, and to do that, we need baby steps, so I thought it would be nice to list a few 'date night ideas' and maybe even once a month, or once every couple of months, David and I could tick something 'new' off the list.. and maybe even invite friends along on a few ideas and make it a 'couples night' - Just to get us out and about, and doing something instead of lounging about all the time. 
It would be nice to spend a bit of time with David, being us, instead of looking at the same four walls every day!

So below is my list of ideas. 
If you guys have any amazing ideas, do share. I used to always be up for trying new things.. I'd love to get back to that! So post away, any date night ideas that you and your other half do? 

  1. Cinema 
  2. Meal in a fancy restaurant 
  3. Paranormal Tour 
  4. A long walk 
  5. A bar for drinks 
  6. A fun fair 
  7. A concert 
  8. A night in a hotel 
  9. Lunch date 
  10. Shopping trip 
  11. Ice-cream or milkshake date 
  12. Food and Cocktails 
  13. Pub Crawl 
  14. Takeaway and Games Night at home 
  15. Curry night and alcohol at home 
  16. Market shopping 
  17. Ice skating / Bowling 
  18. T.v Series Marathon 
  19. Couple Massages 

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