Sunday, 26 February 2017

Man of Honour | He said YES

I know, I know! Please, excuse the state of me. It's such a horrible photo of me, not one of my finest looking moments, but it's a photograph with such meaning. 

Meet my younger and yes I know taller (as he always reminds me) Gary.
Gary suffers with Autism and Epilepsy, and has done all of his life. He is on medication, however, health professionals have failed to find a medication to stop his seizures, and so every single night, he has a seizure still. 

Gary and I, fight like cat and dog, honestly. We bicker and argue, all the time. It drives my mum round the bend, you'd swear we were still kids with the things we argue about.. but we're also so close. 
He is my only sibling, my only brother. And while I may fight with him, no-one else is allowed to... AT ALL 

Today I asked Gary if he would be my Man of Honour,  breaking any rules of a traditional wedding. Originally, Gary was going to be our Usher, however, it didn't feel right him being just an Usher. I have only three men who are really important to me. 
David - my future husband 
Roy - My dad 
and then Gary - My brother.
Obviously, both David and my Dad will be up at the end of the aisle with me. However Gary wouldn't have been, and it felt really strange, thinking that. 
So.. asking him to be Man of Honour means that I can have him right by my side along with every other important person in my life that will be stood by me. 

Gary is one of my biggest inspirations in life, because despite having Autism and Epilepsy, he never ever lets this put him down, or bring him down. He always keeps himself really positive, and happy, and he's the best Uncle my girls could have, he's also their biggest supporter, he's always encouraging them, looking out for them, looking out for all his family really... So I was over the moon, that after he shed a few tears, he said YES! 

I'm absolutely delighted! And really looking forward to our wedding day now that everyone is playing an important role. 
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