Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Sibling Project | February 2017

This is our first month taking part in - The Sibling Project, and I'm really looking forward to joining in each month! I love any opportunity to snap a few pics of my girls together, especially for the album, so this will be something I will enjoy taking part in every month, and will give me an excuse to get them both together, as some weeks, it's impossible! 

This month the girls have spent quite a lot of time together. Half term just started last week, so Lacey-Beth has been off school all week, and Lexie-Anna has been really enjoying her sisters company. She really misses her terribly when she's at school, and she just sits about waiting until her sister comes walking through the door when I've picked her up. It's not so fun for me, or anyone else that's around then, because when the pair of them are seperated, they are like little angels, but when together, they feed off each others energy, and burn everyone else out from their hyper fits. However, as tiring as they are together, it can also be the sweetest thing ever to watch. 

Lacey-Beth is very 'mumzy' over Lexie-Anna. (sometimes, I do believe, she really does think, she's Lexie's mummy - not me) but yes, she's very protective over her little sis, and it is so sweet. Lexie-Anna loves it too, although there is times she does get a tad frustrated with it, and she soon lets Lacey-Beth know, when that time is. They do have an incredible bond together, and love each others company, which is so nice to see, it means they will always have a live in play buddy, a best friend and sister all in one. 

This month, they have had a ball together, especially over half term week with Lacey-Beth being off school. They've went to Jumping Jacks soft play, and to the park, and had a blast. We did get a little jealousy from Lexie-Anna as Lacey-Beth met up with a wee school friend in Jumping Jacks, so didn't have a whole lot of time for her sister while playing with her wee friend, then on Friday - Lacey-Beth then went for a play date at her friends house, and Lexie-Anna wasn't overly impressed with this either, as she didn't have her sister home to torture play with. 

But yes, it's been lovely seeing them bond together this February. They've gotten so close lately, it has been lovely to see. 

The Me and Mine Project

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