Friday, 17 February 2017

The Tooth Fairy | First Tooth Gone, Second Tooth Wobbly

I'm feeling a tad emotional tonight, as I sat watching as my eldest baby, excitedly showed me that after losing her first baby tooth only two weeks ago, she now has yet another wobbly tooth, and I'm looking at her, and the sheer excitement in her at the fact, the tooth fairy will be making another return, probably pretty soon, and I'm thinking, where the heck did my baby go? 

I read a blog post, not too long ago, about another mother going through this, and then, I couldn't relate. Lacey-Beth still had all her baby teeth, and I literally couldn't wait until one fell out, to A) play the tooth fairy but importantly B) let her experience it, she was desperate to lose a tooth, everyday since starting primary school, it's all she talked about, wishing she could lose a tooth, so the tooth fairy would come to her. She was so excited, but so impatient waiting. 

So when it finally happened, we did make such a big deal out of it for her - more so because, she swallowed that first tooth, and was so disappointed in herself, and worried that the tooth fairy wouldn't come, because there was no tooth to give. 
So we did make it incredibly special and made her know, that the tooth fairy would still arrive.. that I didn't have time to take it all in, that my baby, had lost her first baby tooth. 
Off course, I got a little teary eyed, but trying to keep her spirits up, I couldn't stay that way nor could I show her those tears welling up.

But now, tonight, as she sat on my bed, eagerly showing me that second wobbly tooth, questioning me, impatiently wondering when this tooth would fall out, hoping that she's able to save this one, and pop it underneath her pillow for Rosie (her own tooth fairy) to come and collect.. I couldn't help but look at her and think whoa slow down kid. 
You're growing up way to fast! It's as if I blinked, and voila, you were a preschooler.. How did this happen so quickly? 

As that previous blog post I read stated.. how they remember the first baby teeth arriving, and every other tooth after that? 

I remember it all too well also!  I remember that first tooth cutting. I remember how miserable it made her. I remember trying everything under the sun, different teething gels and powders, none of which helped her any. I remember watching her cry in pain, and feeling so useless, not knowing how I could help ease the pain for her. I remember the first time we tried anbesol liquid (which btw, worked a treat) and how relieved we were, to have found something that helped in some way. I remember feeling that first tooth cut the gum, and feeling relieved that finally, the worst was over for her, and seeing her go back to her happy smiley little self again. And I remember how I counted every single tooth after that popping up, and how I longed for teeth after teeth to arrive, just so we could get the teething stage over us. I wanted them to all come at once, just so it would pass, and she wouldn't be in pain anymore.. and so maybe, we could all get a decent night's sleep. 
Sleep became pretty non-existent when she teethed.. It's the same for all or most babies, I assume. 

The teething phase, is tiring for any parent.. and we were no different. I wanted it over and done with. 

I remember every little tiny detail, about her teething phase, the little things she used to chomp down on, how her cheeks used to turn a bright rosy red colour, when she was teething, and the only time she ever dribbled or drooled was when a tooth was cutting, she was always such a clean, dry baby otherwise. 

And now, we've jumped forward a few years, and here she is, losing those very teeth, that it feels as though only grew a matter of months ago! How is this possible? 

My baby, has gotten so grown up, and it's so hard to take it in. 

I can still remember, back to my own childhood when the tooth fairy came, it was a super exciting time, and I am excited to now go through all of this with my own daughter, I just wish time would slow down a bit, or we could have some kinda pause button, even for just a little while? 

How old was your child(ren) when they lost their first tooth? 
Do you believe in the tooth fairy?
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