Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Craft Day | Wedding Name Places

Rainy days = Craft Days! 
At least for today it did. The girls and I very rarely get to spend the days making crafts. L-B has such a busy schedule, that when we do find a day, where we're at home, I'll use it to do cleaning, or to lounge about watching movies and catching up on the soaps. 

Today though, the craft box came out, and we decided to just mess about with whatever was in the box. 

I decided to make a start on some practice name places for the wedding - just a little mess around, to see what I could come up with.. with very little embellishments to choose from. 
L-B noticed this, thought they were pretty and decided she wanted to join in and make one for her best friend, hers actually turned out pretty well also, and super cute. 

L-A, was just being her usual typical self. Getting herself covered in sticky glue, but having fun. Sticking lots of things down to paper, and making a lovely picture of absolutely everything she could find. 

It was a simple day, but the girls absolutely loved it and had a ball, the two of them. 
L-A usually isn't into arts and crafts, not as much as L-B.. but today, she really enjoyed just as much, which I'm glad off. 

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