Friday, 10 February 2017

25 Facts About Me

  1.  My name is actually spelt 'Stacy' , I hated it that way though, so back when I was about thirteen, I started spelling it 'Stacie' - It just stuck then. 
  2. I've been in a relationship with David for seven years, and we've been officially engaged for 1.5 years. 
  3. I have three children. An angel, that sadly we lost whilst pregnant. Our rainbow Lacey-Beth (5) and our sunshine Lexie-Anna (2 almost 3)
  4. I'm 26 years old, will be 27 in May 
  5. I have one sibling. A brother, his name is Gary. 
  6. I'm a Disney fanatic. I love all things Disney.. especially Peter Pan - hence the blog name!
  7. I have four tattoo's .. and although I'd love a few more, I've none planned, yet. 
  8. I've lived in seven different houses. 
  9. I suffer with anxiety, and social anxiety. I hate going anywhere alone, where I may have to engage in conversation with anyone. 
  10. I'm always cold
  11. I hate clowns with a passion, I'm literally terrified of them. 
  12. I spend the majority of my days travelling from pillar to post with my eldest daughter, taking her to her extra curricular activities, or school. She's got a better social life than anyone I know. 
  13. I get my Mum to make my appointments for me. I hate telephone calls. 
  14. I also hate confrontation. 
  15. Being brutally honest, I do have a bit of an obsession with One Direction songs. 
  16. I am rubbish at art, literally. The best I can draw, is a stick man, and even he's got wonky legs. My two year old, scribbles better than I draw.. I've never been good at art. 
  17. I hate the Northern Irish accent.
  18. On a daily basis, I NEVER wear any jewellery, other than my engagement ring, and even then, it's only if I remember to put it on. 
  19. I'm a sucker for yankee candles and bath bombs! Bring me either, and I'll love you to the moon and back, forever! 
  20. I have gallstones, and curry sets it off, yet curry is one of my favourite meals.. I can't give it up, and gallstones won't make me. I refuse! 
  21. My comfort as a child was an old yellow t-shirt I stole out of my Mum's drawer. I named it Tammy Tee - and I bloody loved that thing, I slept with it every single night, and would have taken it everywhere with me. 
  22. I'm a daydreamer.  I always wander off into a daze, it annoys David so much. 
  23. I have a slight obsession with Norman Reedus, especially as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead..I love him, and I have promised, that one day, I will marry that man. 
  24. Infact I have an obsession with The Walking Dead altogether. It's my favourite show. And I think Negan is fantastic!
  25. I have a bit of a thing for documentaries about killers... is that odd? I'm not crazy I swear, and I'm not planning on committing a murder, I'm just interested to know their motives, and things like that. 
So yeah.. that's 25 facts about me.. Now, I'd like to know some facts about you 
Let me know at least one fact about yourself :) 

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